Destiny 2 Mysterious Box Guide – How to Get the Lock and Key Exotic

Destiny 2 Lock and Key

In the Destiny 2 Black Armory DLC, a new world of weapons has been made available to Guardians everywhere. The Black Armory has opened its doors for the first time, and an unfriendly weapons maker needs your help.

Along with the new Forge activity — not to mention new guns to chase —there is also an Exotic quest. The quest, simply called “Mysterious Box,” requires you to find four keys to open a crate found in the Black Armory’s first new major event: the Volundr Forge.

The Volundr Forge is found inside of the Cabal base in the EDZ on Earth. Head there and make your way inside. Before jumping across the gap to make your way to the Forge, look down to your left and you will notice a ledge you can jump on. Head down and inside the cave to find a chest. Open it and you will receive the Mysterious Box quest for the Lock and Key exotic.

Destiny 2 Lock and Key

The box will task you with opening four locks: a Fishhook lock, a Butterfly lock, a Hand lock, and the Black Armory lock. Three of the locks have to do with the three Forges set to release within Black Armory, while one has to do with the Black Armory itself.

The first lock available to open is the Fishhook lock, which is the symbol of the Volundr family. This lock is tied to the Volundr Forge where the Mysterious Box is found.

To get the key for the Volundr lock, you must destroy two round, blue robot… things that spawn inside of the Forge while it’s fired up. The first is found floating around above a landmass out in the water near the Forge — to the left of where you first enter. Take out a sniper or scout rifle and shoot it.

Destiny 2 Lock and Key

The second blue bot is found opposite the first. Turn around after shooting the left-hand drone and you should see its partner floating around inside of the cave in the distance. This video by YouTuber Esoterickk was the first to pop up showing the locations of the bots.

Once both bots are shot down, you must finish firing up the Forge. When it’s finished, head to the chest behind the Forge that looks just like the one you found the Mysterious Box in. You will be rewarded with a Black Armory Key that has a Fishhook symbol on it. Use the item and the first of the four locks will open.

The second of four locks is found in the Gofannon Forge on Nessus. It’s unlocked the same way as the first lock, by shooting two bot drones in between the first and second wave. The first one spawns in the back left of the arena, and the second spawns towards the entrance. Shoot them both and the key will spawn in the chest once the ignition ends.

And that’s all we know for now! Players are still searching for the rest of the keys as we speak. They’ve even discovered that, using the scope of the Hammerhead machine gun, you can find symbols scattered across the EDZ.

More Forges and more information about the quest will be revealed and opened in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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