Destiny 2 The Menagerie Guide – Tips & Walkthrough

The Season of Opulence has brought more than just sorrows. Welcome to The Menagerie: a new Destiny 2 game mode which pieces together a ragtag bunch of players with random challenges to earn the favor (or ire) of Emperor Calus and his chosen ones. Farming The Menagerie once you hit Power 690 will get you the materials necessary to stick into the Chalice of Opulence the game gives you. The results? Custom weapons and armor that fit your every flight of fancy! Read our Menagerie guide to Destiny 2 to learn how to tackle each randomly generated Menagerie challenge in style.

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When you enter the Menagerie with your team, the name of the game is to earn Calus’ attention. You just need to be a pain in the butt. Each time you enter a new room of the Menagerie, you’ll have to fill up the Menagerie gauge by killing enemies and fulfilling each room’s individual objective. Once the meter is full, and you’ve cleared your handful of rooms, you’ll summon one of the Menagerie bosses. There will also be new bosses released through this month, so check back here periodically for the latest on how to defeat your foes!

Lamp Lighting – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

Each Menagerie encounter always starts with lamp lighting. The process is simple: deal with enemies that continuously spawn. Killing them will lure out a boss, which will drop orbs of light. By now you’ve probably noticed six lamps in this room. Kill three bosses by summoning them through mass slaughter, and you’ll have enough orbs to light up the room and progress to the next one.

The Hunted – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

This room has a number of hotspots you and your team must focus on. It’s a bit like a capture the flag mini-room: step on the marked plates (the more on a plate, the faster they charge). Then kill enemies signposted as Knights to fill your Menagerie meter. There are four marked plates in this room spread out in the cardinal directions, as well as one in the middle. Two plates pop up at a time, so make sure that Fireteam members are positioned throughout the chambers and ready to run at a moment’s notice. Navigating between the plates will prompt Thralls and Cursed Thralls to attack you, so deal with those quickly if you want to get out of here and progress to the next room.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough 1

The Mockery – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

Pop into the Mockery and you’ll notice there are only three safe zones in the room. If you leave these safe zones, you’ll start to take damage. This turns lethal after enough exposure. These safe zones also deplete over time, so the only way to tough it out here is to kill Wizards; they drop energy orbs which your Fireteam will use to top up the power in these safe zones. Bosses will spawn throughout, as well, making your job more difficult. Make sure your Fireteam doesn’t focus purely on damaging them — otherwise you won’t have anywhere safe to retreat to. Kill the two bosses to meet your victory condition!

The Crystals – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

Once you pop into the room, your Fireteam must hunt for enemies called Vex Harpies. Killing these enemies will drop an item called a Vex Cranium. You need this item to destroy the crystals inside this room. These Craniums pack a lot of firepower, but have limited uses. Get your best sharpshooter on the Cranium for maximum efficiency! After you deal with enough crystals, a boss will spawn in the middle of the room. Deal with it, too, before getting back to the business of destroying more crystals. Down the boss to fill the meter and you should be golden.

The Arkborn – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

This is a lot lie the lamp lighting mini-game you saw at the start of The Menagerie. There will be three sources of light scattered throughout in the form of green pillars. Interacting with these pillars will give you a charge, and each player can maintain up to three charges at any given time. Once you do your lap of the room, collecting three charges, get rid of them by heading over to receptacles that are clearly indicated by a grey square. Once your team carries out this process, a boss will appear for your Fireteam to deal with before you can get back to collecting charges. Summon and kill three bosses this way. Then you’ll be able to leave the room.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough 2

The Gauntlet – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

This room kicks off with a boss fight. Once you down the boss, the Fireteam will teleport to what looks and acts like an Olympic sprinting track. It’s time to make like Usain and bolt as quickly as you can through all the various checkpoints (helpfully marked green) until the race is over. At least one member of your Fireteam must complete all the laps of the Gauntlet in order to progress to the next room.

One member completing all the laps might sound like a cakewalk… It’s not. The Gauntlet will inflict various debuffs on your Fireteam as you run around the track. This includes one that ticks down and causes death unless you pass through a checkpoint, so it’s imperative that everyone moves as quickly as possible. Avoids obvious obstacles like pitfalls and flame jets, as well. Essentially, everything that isn’t a checkpoint is lethal. Finishing each lap grants players a boon in the form of a power upgrade, but also spawns a boss you must deal with before you can continue.

The Riposte – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

This room starts off with some hard-hitting enemies: Hive Knights and Thralls. Make sure your Fireteam focuses the Knights, first. When each one goes down, they’ll drop their fancy swords. Pick these up and use them against other Knights for maximum efficiency. However, make sure not all Fireteam members get stabby happy; there will be other, more common adds to deal with in the Riposte. The sword-less Guardians have to keep their fingers on their triggers to make sure the sword-wielders can focus on the real threats without interruption. Once you kill enough enemies, a boss will spawn. Defeat it to leave the room!

Hasapiko – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

Hasapiko is one of Calus’ underlings, and the original “end boss” of the Menagerie in Destiny 2. Getting the best of Hasapiko is fairly straightfoward: take out his shield and get rid of his health bar.

To get rid of his shield, players should focus on Harpies that show up throughout the fight. It helps to split the room into three different portions. Then get your team members spread throughout these zones for maximum coverage. Killing a Harpy spawns an AOE effect on the ground. Anyone standing in this goo can chip away at the Hasapiko shield. Once his shield is depleted, you’ll be able to damage him directly!

During his shield-less phase, Hasapiko will intermittently shoot large energy lasers at the Fireteam. These are instant kills, so make sure to stay on your toes. Rinse and repeat this process and you’ll be victorious (eventually).

Arunak – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

Arunak was the second boss released for The Menagerie in Destiny 2. Even so, dealing with Arunak is thematically similar to dispatching Hasapiko. Arunak is also shielded, and you need to kill certain types of enemies in order to get real damage in.

Kill Cursed Thralls this time instead of Harpies. Killing these Thralls will drop items called relics, which you can throw to deplete Arunak’s shield. Once the shield is depleted, damage Arunka directly to whittle down that health bar. There will also be Knights that spawn periodically throughout the fight at certain health checkpoints, so make sure you contend with those in-between fighting Arunak. Repeat the process until Arunak can’t get up and you can count yourself victorious.

Pagouri – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

The big boy is now in town. Pagouri is one gigantic Vex Hydra who will test every mechanic your Fireteam honed in the Hunted room. Once your team enters the room, you’ll notice a force field in the middle which houses Pagouri. Like all the other bosses in the Menagerie, Pagouri has a shield for you to deplete before you can damage him directly.

Make sure your team spreads out across the three marked plates in the room. Being on the marked plates will cause light to rise and eventually intercept the shield. Enemies will spawn to slow your progress; you have to kill the Minotaurs in order to ensure the light keeps rising and that Pagouri is kicked out from behind his shield.

Focus fire on Pagouri once you can damage him. Just don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Vex enemies who also spawn during this phase; they’re lethal if they reach you. Rinse and repeat the above process when Pagouri pops back behind his shield. You’ll soon have him beat!

That’s all for now, folks! This has been our walkthrough of the Menagerie in Destiny 2. Thanks for taking the time to read our guide. Now be sure to check out the rest of our Destiny 2 coverage — and check back for future updates to our Destiny 2 Menagerie guide — elsewhere on the site. And take care!