Destiny 2 Menagerie Chest Glitch — Fast Power Level, Chalice Rewards

Have you tried the Menagerie event in Destiny 2 yet? If not, you might want to get cracking. The event is currently bugged, but in a way that benefits players.

A normal run of Menagerie involves slotting runes into your Chalice of Opulence, completing a series of challenges, then opening a chest to receive a piece of equipment. One run, one reward, right? Well, there’s actually a sneaky trick you can pull on old Calus to get more than your share out of him. But if the world is ending in Destiny 2, you’re going to need all the help you can get. And hey, he’s probably not going to miss it.

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How to Do the Destiny 2 Menagerie Glitch — Fast Leveling

You might notice that when you complete the Menagerie, you get more than the usual amount of time before you’re booted back to your ship. So let’s take advantage of that. After you invoke the power of your chalice, turn around and leave the final room. Keep going until you hit the next area — you’ll know when you’ve gone far enough when you see a new area name show up onscreen.

Now, open up your Pursuits menu and open up your Chalice. It’s empty, of course. So go ahead and slot some more runes in there. Now, head back to the final chest room. Lo and behold, the chest should have respawned, allowing you to open it once again. You can repeat this as many times as you can make the circuit in the five minutes the game gives you — I did four on my first try.

A couple of caveats here: first, this is almost certainly not intended behavior, and I expect that Bungie will patch it out as soon as possible. I doubt they’ll delete any items obtained this way, but the loophole will certainly be closed — either by reducing the time allotted or by fixing the bug that causes the chest to respawn.

Second, you might want to write down a list of recipes you’re aiming for so that you’re not just scrambling to toss random runes in. This bug is especially helpful if you have a lot of runes and are going for good rolls on a particular weapon, like the Austringer. It certainly cuts down on time to get four to six chances for a god roll after a Menagerie run, rather than just one.

The Menagerie chest glitch is a huge boon to players who feel behind and just want to catch up. For instance, I got a Bad Omens rocket launcher at 726 power, when my total was only 715. Of course, Bungie probably doesn’t want players burning through the Menagerie so quickly. You can bet that this bug will be fixed by the time the heroic version of the event comes out, so if you want to exploit it, then get out there, guardian. The Season of the Drifter may be over, but let’s be bad guys one more time in our skeevy uncle’s honor.


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