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Destiny 2 Medals 2022 Guide - How to Earn Medallions in Guardian Games

Going Gold.

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games has arrived once more, so it’s time to prove which of the three classes is truly the best. While this event will once again revolve around players turning in medals they earn to improve their standing on the podium, Bungie has also added a few new features. Perhaps the biggest is the return of Strike Scoring, which was a popular mode in the original Destiny. There are also cosmetics for players to unlock, another chance to earn the Heir Apparent exotic, and a new submachine gun called The Title.

Of course, the bulk of your time will be spent turning in medallions. There are a few different rarities of medals, some of which can only be earned by completing specific activities. Here’s how the medallion system works during this year’s Guardian Games:

Update 5/10/2022:

So it turns out that the running theory of the rewards being given out at the weekly reset was correct. For every torch you ignite the previous week you can claim a Medallion Torch Rewards package from Eva Levante once the weekly reset happens. The quality of the rewards obviously varies depending on how many medals you turn in so make sure to try for Platinum each week!

How to Get Medallions

There are four types of medallions, each of which has a corresponding point value. The way you earn these is slightly different, as two of them are tied to the returning Contender Cards. With four varieties of medals, here’s a quick look at how many points each medal is worth assuming the values haven’t changed from last year:

  • Bronze – 1
  • Silver –  2
  • Gold – 5
  • Platinum – 15

You will earn your Bronze and Silver medals by completing activities such as strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and activities in the Throne World. Lower-tier medallions are very common and you’ll come across them often as you play. Since these aren’t worth much, you will amass a lot of these — especially if you partake in playlist activities often. Additionally, some Bronze and Silver Medals are tied to triumphs that are exclusive to the Guardian Games event. I wouldn’t worry too much about grinding these out. Typically players will unlock these just by playing during the event, so focus on getting the higher-tier medallions first.

Speaking of Gold and Platinum medals are tied to two different types of Contender Cards. Unlike the other medals, you cannot earn these by just completing an activity. Instead, you need to go visit Eva Levante in The Tower and purchase either a Contender Card or a Platinum Card. The former will reward Gold medals and is tied to typical playlist activities but require you to meet certain requirements like killing enemies with Stasis or Void. It costs 100 Laurels to purchase a basic Contender Card. You can also earn a few Gold medallions via triumphs, but this is more of a reward for grinding out specific activities.

Platinum Cards reward, well, Platinum Medals which are the highest tier and are linked to activities like raids, Trials of Osiris, lost sectors, or dungeons. I always recommend snagging a Platinum Card if you plan on doing one of these activities, as you will get far more points for your team. You will unlock the ability to buy a Platinum Card for 200 Laurels about halfway through the Best in Class quest obtained from Eva. For solo players, I strongly recommend the Lost Sector cards. These are pretty simple to complete and can be made easier if you farm them on a day where it’s a simple Lost Sector like any of the three on Europa.

Regardless of what avenue you go down, you will always be earning medallions so just make sure to spend your Laurels on cards whenever you can!

Medallion Torch Rewards

To earn Medallion Torch Rewards from Eva, you will need to complete different steps in the Medallion Battalion quest. This quest is earned at the end of the Best in Class mission and it has you turning in medals to fill up a progress bar. Once you hit 100%, you will be asked to return to The Tower where you can light the corresponding torch just beyond the main podium. This should allow you to go to Eva and claim the Medallion Torch Reward tied to the color of the torch you lit (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.) That being said, this appears to be bugged as I have lit my Bronze torch above but cannot claim the package. This appears to be a glitch, since I should be able to claim my package from her for lighting this torch.

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