Destiny 2 Lost Lament Quest Guide – All The Lament Exotic Quest Steps

Regardless as to whether or not you’ve completed the new Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid, Bungie has bestowed upon us the new exotic sword quest. To get The Lament, you’ll need to complete a quest called Lost Lament which tasks you with helping Banshee-44 figure some things out. This guide will highlight the stats and unique perks of The Lament and walk you through the quest steps to obtain it!

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Destiny 2 The Lament Stats

Skip the learning curve and see what The Lament is all about!

  • Type: Solar Sword
  • Banshee’s Wail: Hold to rev the blade.
    • Increases damage, shield bypass, and adds shield piercing to all attacks.
    • Gain stacks when dealing damage with revved attacks.
    • Additional stacks increase the damage and damage resistance of heavy attacks.
  • Revved Consumption: Damaging a combatant heals the wielder.
  • Charge Rate: 32
  • Ammo Capacity: 62
  • No Catalyst.

Lost Lament Quest Steps – The Lament

Anxious to get your hands on The Lament? Here’s how:

Step 1: Talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower

First you need to grab the quest from Banshee now that folks have completed the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Step 2: Locate Dead Exos – Scan Three Dead Exos on Europa

There are a plethora of dead Exo collectibles on Europa, all we need is three. The first is located on a ridge in, well, Cadmus Ridge. You should find it where we’re standing in the screenshot below. After that, we recommend you grab the ones inside the Perdition and Concealed Void Lost Sectors. Both of them are in the same areas as the final bosses so you’ll need to fight your way through.

Locate and scan 3 dead Exos on Europa.

“Lookin’ like some of those flashes are of me trudging through ice and snow, passin’ bodies of my fellow Exos. One of ’em looked to be surrounded by Vex technology, another amongst the ruins of an old city, and another surrounded by factory equipment. The rest are a blur… Shame I left ’em behind. Wish I knew why. Bet you might figure that out.” —Banshee-44

Step 3: Locate the Giant Exo – Find the Giant Exo on Europa

Head to the Clovis Bray AI…head. Open your map and they’ll be a marker for this one. It’ll take you through a new area which unlocked after the raid, deep into the Exoscience facility. I recommend selecting the actual quest so you have a marker because the door to this new area can be easily missed. It’s a fairly long journey, so be ready to battle through a few groups of Fallen and Vex.

Locate the Giant Exo hidden in the Exo facility.

‘”Those Dead Exos you found are giving me a headache something fierce—and even more flashes. That blade again, in more glory than before. Must be important. Also saw frozen-over labs filled with dormant Exos. Even saw one the size of a giant. Gonna take a guess and say that’s your next stop… wherever it is.” —Banshee-44

Step 4: Giant Expectations – Complete Three Quests

Between Zavala and Variks, you need to complete the quests Empire’s Fall, Reclaiming Europa, and The Dark Priestess. For most of you, this step will just skip by since you’ve done everything listed above. This is just to ensure those who haven’t finished Beyond Light’s campaign don’t wander into spoiler territory.

Acquire and complete the listed quests from Commander Zavala and Variks to prove yourself to the Clovis AI and continue on with “Lost Lament.”

“I know you desire the blade. But you can’t have it just yet. I’ll need a few tasks completed first. It’s been a while since I’ve been… awake. And now this alien race you call “Fallen” infest MY colony. They must be dealt with in short order. See to it.” —Clovis AI

Step 5 – Kill 100 Vex With Sword Final Blows, Kill 20 Minotaurs, Cyclops, or Hydras with Swords

Here’s the biggest grind in the quest, as you’ll need to kill a bunch of Vex with a sword. There are a few good spots for this, but I personally found either Vex-focused Public Event or Perdition Lost Sector were good places to farm. The former will give you a ton of Minotaurs and Hydras if you make it Heroic, while the latter is just filled with easy-to-kill Vex. Remember, sword skills will still count even if your sword ammo is depleted.

Step 6: Giant Expectations – Complete an Exo Challenge

If you haven’t unlocked Exo challenges yet, pick up the quest from Variks and do it. Otherwise, hit whatever Exo challenge is currently on rotation. We won’t spoil this quest, but it’s fairly simple — especially if you’ve done the first part of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Just make sure to bring a weapon you can quickly use, as you won’t have a lot of time to stand still in this challenge.

Prove your worth to the Clovis AI by completing an Exo Challenge. “Uh uh. Not quite yet. The blade is only for those who can handle its power. Sure, you’ve proven yourself somewhat. But I’ll need to see you survive one of the training modules built for Exos first. Best of luck.” —Clovis AI

Step 7: Giant Expectations – Defeat 60 Vex with Finishers

God that’s a lot of finishers…

Again, the Perdition Lost Sector will be your best friend for this. While it lacks powerful combatants, you can easily get all the finishers needed without worrying about another Guardian stealing your kill.

Defeat Vex with finishers to satisfy the Clovis AI. Defeating powerful Vex grants the most efficient progress.

“Last thing. I swear. There’s still a number of Vex running around. Some too dangerous to leave unattended. Escort them out of this life, and I’ll give you what you’re after.” —Clovis AI

Step 8: Rescue the Past – Complete the Glassway Strike

As per usual, we have a strike to do. There’s a twist though! You’ll need to collect pieces of The Lament on your way through. You can find them at the very end of the strike when the yellow bar Harpy comes out following the boss. Don’t worry, you won’t need to find other collectibles throughout the strike. Just kill the new Harpy at the end to collect your reward. For more information, here’s our guide on where to find them.

Access the strike “The Glassway” and locate the blade pieces within.

“Well then, perhaps I owe you the other side of quid pro quo. The blade you’re looking for was broken into pieces somewhere in the Glassway. By now, the Vex have likely found it themselves. Someone as capable as you should have no issue retrieving it from them. Now leave me be.” —Clovis AI

Step 9: Blade of Broken Dreams – Talk to Banshee

All right, time to return to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

Head back to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 about the broken blade.

“Oh, did I forget to mention it was broken? Not my problem. Perhaps this Banshee friend of yours can help. Until next time.” —Clovis AI

Step 10: Blade of Broken Dreams – Search the Eventide Ruins for a Bunker

Head on over to the Eventide Ruins on Europa and go to the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. There’s nothing special about this version, so just complete it as you normally would. Once you defeat the boss and open the chest at the need you will progress to the last part of the quest.

Search Eventide Ruins for an abandoned bunker and explore inside.

“Not sure what exactly we’re looking for in that bunker. But my instinct tells me it’s some way to mend that Broken Blade. Look for a bunker hidden beneath the ice. That’s the best I got for ya.” —Banshee-44

Step 11: Complete Reforging the Past – Complete a Mission

The final step before getting the new exotic sword is an all-new mission! Complete it and then we can go turn things in. Make sure to have an open Heavy slot in your inventory, as you will pick up The Lament mid-mission and can use it throughout.

Complete the mission “Reforging the Past” to save the Clovis AI from being destroyed.

“This isn’t the first time the Vex have tried to destroy me and everything I’ve built. I hate to admit it, but I need your help, and I need it immediately.” —Clovis AI

Step 12: Last Stop – Return to Banshee

This entire quest was a deep dive into the lore of Banshee. Hope you enjoyed it and your new Lament exotic sword!

Head back to the Tower and report your discoveries to Banshee-44.

“Seems like we have a lot to discuss. The visions haven’t stopped, but I think I get it now. You know where to find me.” —Banshee-44


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