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Destiny 2 Krait Guide - Krait God Roll & How to Get It

Snake Bites.

Savathun is finally here, which means Destiny 2’s highly anticipated expansion has been released. The Witch Queen has players finally confront one of the franchise’s most popular villains in her own throne world. Not only is this DLC introducing a new story, but there are also a ton of new weapons, armor, exotics, consumables, and activities for players to participate in. The Witch Queen also marks the release of the Void 3.0 update, which drastically reworks the void subclass and new exotics to build around.

With a new expansion comes a bunch of weapons added into the world loot pool. While many of the guns are tied to specific activities, others are just dropped from playing the game. One of these is the Krait, which is a Stasis Auto Rifle that swiftly gained popularity due to its fantastic perk pool and high rate of fire. Here’s how to get this gun and what the best perks are:

How to Get Krait

Unfortunately, the Krait is a world drop weapon, which means it can come from a plethora of different sources. While this may sound terrific, there’s no easy method for target farming this gun. It’s not craftable at the time of this article’s writing, so just hope it drops at the end of a playlist activity or from a legendary engram. It can be a reward from a vendor, at the end of a playlist activity, or just given out when you decrypt a Prime Engram. With the Deepsight chest farm patched, players will just need to pray to RNG that they manage to snag a solid roll of this Auto Rifle.

Krait God Rolls

Krait PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Appended Mag
  • Subsistence or Overflow
  • Headstone or One For All

When it comes to the god roll of Krait, there are a few options given the solid perk pool available. While I always recommend going for the roll that suits your build or playstyle best, there’s an extremely good add-clearing version of this weapon. In the barrel slot, you’ll want to run Arrowhead Brake since it gives you +30 to recoil. This makes firing this weapon far easier, especially when you’re dealing with multiple enemies at a distance. It also gives a small boost to handling, which is always nice. For the magazine, Appended Mag will provide more rounds in the magazine without any stat penalties. You can go with Extended Mag, but I personally don’t like the reload speed decrease.

For primary perks, you will want either Subsistence or Overflow in the first slot. The former partially reloads the weapon after every kill, allowing you to massacre hordes of enemies with little effort. Alternatively, you can go with Overflow to fill this gun with an absolutely hilarious amount of bullets in the magazine. Either option is great, so it comes down to personal preference. Your last perk should either be Headstone or One For All. Headstone is great for even more mob clear, as it lets you turn enemies into ice bombs that do a lot of damage to normal mobs. If you want to focus on increasing your damage, One For All is the best option since hitting three separate targets with a gun that holds nearly 60 bullets is very simple to do.

Krait PVP God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Steady Hands
  • Moving Target

Even though I don’t really recommend using Krait in PVP, there is a decent roll if you want to take it into the Crucible. For your barrel, you will want to focus on increasing the range stat, so either Hammer-Forged Rifling or Corkscrew Rifling is ideal. The former solely focuses on range, while Corkscrew Rifling also gives a bump to stability and handling. Further improving this stat is Armor-Piercing Rounds, which will offer a small range increase and makes our targets flinch a bit more when shot.

When it comes to primary perks, there are only two good options. The first is Steady Hands, which boosts the gun’s handling after each kill, and the second is Moving Target for faster target acquisition. These are the ideal PVP perks for an Auto Rifle, but they can be deadly if you have a very mobile playstyle. Vorpal Weapon is an okay alternative, but I’ve never really cared for this perk on an Auto Rifle. There are better options available if you want to bring an Auto Rifle into PVP — just craft a Sweet Sorrow instead.

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