Destiny 2 Horned Wreath Guide: Chamber of Night Location

During your time with the new Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, you’ll find yourself doing a variety of quests for the returned Eris Morn. One of said quests drops randomly when fighting Nightmare enemies. Essence of Vanity tasks you with finding a Horned Wreath in the Chamber of Bones. Completing it rewards you with the Tranquility Legendary sniper rifle. But where is the Chamber of Night? It’s certainly not on the map. This guide will tell you exactly how to get to the chamber and how you can get the Horned Wreath once you’re inside.

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For one, the Chamber of Night is underground in the Hellmouth. You can enter the Hellmouth at the location circled above. In short, you’re going to be heading through through the dark hallway next to where you encounter the screaming Omnigul.

You can kick things off by entering the structure below, turning left, and descending into the Hellmouth.

Keep in mind that the enemies here aren’t of the weakest variety. If you’re under 800 Power, they’ll be skulls.

Eventually you’ll enter the room from the original Destiny where you first discovered the horrors of Hive swords. Turn left into the open doorway. No need to decrypt Hive runes this time around.

This pathway will eventually pour out into the large half indoor, half outdoor hallway. No matter which way you go, look for a door with a orange light source emanating from above it. This is where you want to go next.

Next you’ll push through to The World’s Grave. Here you can either go straight or turn left through a large doorway. Go left. It should be the area where you fought Omnigul during one of the early Shadowkeep missions. Once you’ve cleared the room, take a right from where you first entered and exit via the long, dark hallway. This is the Chamber of Night.

Proceed through the Chamber of Night heading straight basically the entire time. You’ll know you’re going the right way when you see the structure below.

Push back far enough and you’ll spill into that area with a bunch of bones that you probably remember from Destiny 1.

The Horned Wreath is located at the back of the room on the ground. Once you get to the center of the room the game will pop up a waypoint for you. If there’s a large ogre nearby, don’t stress about it. Don’t attack it and it won’t attack you.

Once you’ve got it, feel free to fast travel back to Eris so you don’t have to trek all the way back out. Then complete some activities on the Moon and get some sniper rifle kills and you can earn Tranquility!

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