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Destiny 2 Hero of Ages Guide – God Roll & How to Get It

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is officially live, which means there’s a bunch of new content coming to Destiny 2. Along with a six-player matchmade activity, players can explore the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon set in the fabled loot cave. There’s also a bunch of new armor and weapons that users can unlock or purchase in the Eververse store, all of which are tied to the history of this developer.

Of course, all you really care about is all the new weapons and armor pieces you can earn. While there are some choice guns tied to the new Dares of Eternity game mode, make sure you don’t ignore the new firearms in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. One of these is the Hero of Ages, which is a Vortex Frame that is terrific for dealing with groups of enemies.

Here’s how to get this weapon and what perks you’ll want on it:

How to Get Hero of Ages

If you want to get the Hero of Ages, you will need to venture into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. This sword is a possible reward after defeating the second major encounter, Fallen Shield. Once the shield is broken, the chest in the center has a chance to drop the Heroes of Ages. You will have three chances (one on each character) to get the Hero of Ages. You can also get rewards for beating the dungeon on Master-level difficulty, but this is less likely for average players.

Remember, once Hero of Ages drops for you, it can be given out as a reward in any of the two secret chests. These can be found in the large circular room right before the staircase that has a barrel attempt to crush you and after the Sparrow race in the left eye socket of the giant crystal skull. These chests only give out loot you’ve previously discovered in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Additionally, if you decide to grind the Fallen Shield encounter know that it will only reward you with gear you’ve earned in the dungeon if this isn’t your first time beating Fallen Shield on that character.

Destiny 2 Hero of Ages God Roll

Hero of Ages God Rolls

Hero of Ages PVE God Roll

  • Honed Edge or Hungry Edge
  • Balanced Guard
  • Tireless Blade or Unrelenting
  • Chain Reaction

When it comes to PVE, you actually have quite a few choices. Keep in mind, the Hero of Ages is not ideal for single-target damage but should be used instead to take on majors or groups of enemies. In the first slot, I recommend either Honed Edge or Hungry Edge. The former focuses solely on increasing our weapon’s base damage, allowing us to hit harder with all our attacks. That being said since we aren’t worrying too much about using the blade for bosses I prefer Hungry Edge instead for that juicy ammo increase. You will also want Balanced Guard, which gives us +50 to stability, inventory size, defense, and efficiency.

For the first primary perk, we actually have some terrific options to suit different builds. Because of this, there’s no one perk that’s objectively “better” than the rest, as it entirely depends on what you want to prioritize. Two solid options are Tireless Blade to get yourself back ammo upon heavy attack kills and Unrelenting which heals you whenever a foe is defeated. I actually prefer the latter since you often need to get close and put yourself in more danger when using a sword. This combined with the Chain Reaction perk ensures you’re nice and healthy after performing a spin attack. Speaking of, you really only want Chain Reaction as it’s the best sword perk for dealing with rank-and-file mobs.

Hero of Ages PVP God Roll

  • Honed Edge
  • Burst Guard or Balanced Guard
  • Duelist Trance or Unrelenting
  • Assassin’s Blade

If you’ve been following my god roll guides then you know I’m not the biggest fan of swords in PVP. While that can give you an advantage via manipulating the camera, they can also be pretty risky — especially in more competitive modes. However, if you do want to bring Hero of Ages into the Crucible I suggest using Honed Edge to increase the blade’s damage. You’ll also want either Burst Guard or Balanced Guard, but I prefer Balanced Guard since it gives us a nice defense boost.

As for your primary perks, I suggest either Duelist Trance or Unrelenting. The former is terrific if you can consistently secure kills, as it will give you an increased charge rate, defense, and efficiency until the weapon is stowed. Unrelenting is also a solid option, as the burst of health can be crucial for surviving or escaping after you secure a kill. Both are solid options, so it really comes down to which you’d prefer to have for the brief moments you’ll have Heavy Ammo.

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