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Destiny 2 Gridskipper Guide - How to Get It & the God Roll

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is here and it’s time to elevate your fashion game. Along with new weapons, a 6 player activity, armor, story missions, and season pass, the heavily requested armor transmogrification feature is finally arriving. In this season, players will team up with the Fallen Captain Mithrax to stop the Vex from plunging Earth into total darkness. Of course, the main thing you care about is getting all that sweet, sweet loot. Season 14 introduces a bunch of new weapons along with some old favorites for players to hunt down. One of these weapons is the Gridskipper pulse rifle.

How to Get the Gridskipper

Farming for Gridskipper is quite straightforward and won’t require too much effort from you. This is a seasonal weapon, meaning it can drop from completing the Override activity, opening Splicer Reputation packages, completing Weekly Challenges, and decrypting certain focused Umbral Engrams. Similar to last season, players can complete specific Triumphs to unlock Focuses in the Prismatic Recaster. Doing so will let you spend Decrypted Data to turn a normal Umbral Engram into one that has a higher chance to drop the weapon you want.

For Gridskipper, the Splicer Armory or  Splicer Vandal’s Armory are the two focuses you want to unlock. The former gives you a weapon from the seasonal pool, while the latter narrows down your choices between Gridskipper and Farewell. Now you will need to unlock Splicer Vandal’s Armory, which requires a lot of pulse rifle or sidearm kills. If you want to unlock this quickly I recommend either playing Override, Battlegrounds, or wiping out the endless waves of Shadow Thrall in The Shattered Throne’s hallway encounter.

Gridskipper God Rolls

Gridskipper PVE God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Fluted Barrel
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Heating Up
  • Frenzy or Multi-Killclip

If you’re hunting for a good roll of Gridskipper, I recommend starting out with either Fluted Barrel or Corkscrews Rifling. Both of these improve the weapon’s handling and stability, with the latter giving a small bump to range as well. This will help us stay on target, allowing you to consistently land precision hits on multiple targets. For our magazine perk we have a few options, but I always like Armor-Piercing Rounds for PVE. Not only do we get a small range bump, but we deal extra damage to shielded opponents.

For your primary perks, there are a few good options like Killing Wind and Tunnel Vision. However, I am going to go with the new perk Heating Up. Whenever you kill an enemy with this weapon you’ll be granted a brief stability and accuracy boost. Killing Wind is also a solid choice if you feel that you have good control of the weapon already, so don’t feel down if you get this perk instead. Our final perk should either be Frenzy or Multi-Killclip. Both are terrific damage boosting perks, but I personally prefer Frenzy since it requires far less effort to actually trigger and is just more consistent.

Gridskipper PVP God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Frenzy

If you’re a PVP player you’ll want either Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake. Corkscrew will offer us a small increase to multiple stats, while Arrowhead Brake primarily focuses on improving the recoil. Which one you prefer really comes down to your ability to handle the weapon’s vertical kick. For the magazine, you’ll want Ricochet Rounds to increase our range stat since Accurized Rounds is not on this weapon. Finally, the two p[primary perks should be Tunnel Vision and Frenzy. Frenzy just offers us a nice damage increase while Tunnel Vision turns this weapon into a laser when you reload after a kill. If you’re not feeling Frenzy then Thresh is a solid alternative to give you some Super energy as you rack up kills.

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