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Destiny 2 Forgiveness Guide - Forgiveness God Roll & How to Get It

Forgive and forget

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is here, and it’s the spookiest addition yet. With the return of Emperor Calus’ mighty Leviathan, players are tasked with venturing into this massive ship to deduce what has happened to the corrupted vessel. Along with the new Nightmare Containment activity, players can earn new weapons, armor, and cosmetics for their Guardian.

Even though a vast majority of the seasonal weapons are obtained through PVE activities, there are two guns tied to Trials of Osiris. The premiere PVP mode, players can hunt down both normal and Adept versions of these firearms. Enter Forgiveness, a two-burst Arc sidearm that rolls with some terrific PVE and PVP perks. Here’s how to get his gun and what the best perks are:

How to Get Forgiveness

Unsurprisingly, you can only get Forgiveness by playing Trials of Osiris. As you play through this mode you will earn points towards your Trials of Osiris rank. As you level up, you will earn Trials of Osiris engrams which can then be focused in Saint-14’s vendor menu back in The Tower. If you’re unlucky and cannot get a Forgiveness to drop early, you can obtain one by hitting rank 16 with Saint-14. You can then focus all your Trials of Osiris engrams into this sidearm.

Alternatively, you can wait until the Forgiveness is the weekly Adept weapon and attempt to go flawless in Trials of Osiris. Winning seven matches in a row without a loss will allow you to access the Lighthouse, which rewards a piece of Adept gear. So if you want a Forgiveness(Adept) you will need to wait until it’s the flawless reward for that weekend.

Forgiveness God Roll

Forgiveness God Rolls

Forgiveness PVE God Rolls

  • Smallbore
  • Appended Mag or High-Caliber Rounds
  • Demolitionist or Subsistence
  • Adrenaline Junkie

Surprisingly, the Forgiveness has some really solid PVE rolls. In the barrel slot, I am going with Smallbore for the +7 boost to stability and range. This allows us to not only engage targets from a farther distance but consistently land critical hits. As for the magazine, you have two different options depending on what you prefer. If you want more ammo in the magazine then you’ll want Appended Mag since it doesn’t slap you with a stat penalty. Alternatively, you can go with High-Caliber Rounds for that range increase and flinch potential. I prefer the latter, if only because those extra 4 bullets won’t make that big of a difference.

When it comes to primary perks you have some seriously solid options. Demolitionist is always a favorite of mine — especially now that ability builds are far more viable. Subsistence is also a terrific option, as it allows us to keep cutting through hordes of adds with little effort. Both are fantastic, but I will always prefer the combination of Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie. It synergizes beautifully and will probably be a terrific roll when Arc 3.0 launches next season.

Forgiveness PVP God Roll

  • Smallbore
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Moving Target
  • Rapid Hit

The PVP roll for Forgiveness is all about stability and range. We want to ensure we can kill targets from as far away as possible and control the gun’s two-round burst. To achieve this, we are going with Smallbore in the first slot since it solely increases our range and stability. The same goes for Ricochet Rounds, which also has the added benefit of making our bullets bounce off hard surfaces. Combined, these two will give us +12 to the range and +17 to stability which is fantastic.

When it comes to primary perks, I love Moving Target for this weapon. You often need to get in fairly close with a sidearm, so we will almost always have this ability active. Rapid Hit is also the best option in the second slot since it will not only speed up our reload, but give us even more stability. The only catch is you need to land precision hits, which shouldn’t be too difficult since our stability stat will be 57 with this roll.

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