Destiny 2 Forerunner Title Guide – All Required Triumphs for Season of Arrivals Title

Who’s ready to grind out another Destiny 2 title? The Season of Arrivals is now live and that means it’s time to get chipping away at adding another (or your first) title to your repertoire. There are a number of triumphs you’ll need to complete in order to unlock it, but the good news is you won’t need to complete the associated seasonal badge. Trust me, this is one title Halo fans aren’t going to want to miss.

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Destiny 2 Umbral Engrams

Forerunner Required Triumphs

Count me in because I just really want to be running around with a Forerunner title as a throwback to the Halo days.

  • Upgrade Gift Ranks – Purchase 21 Gift upgrades from the Prismatic Recaster.
  • Mod Collector – Collect all 12 seasonal mods from Season of Arrivals.
  • Basic Focus – Create each kind of basic Umbral Engram.
    • Pyramid-Focused
    • Exodus-Focused
    • Dredgen-Focused
    • Armor-Focused
  • Advanced Pyramid Focus – Create each kind of Pyramid-Focused Umbral Engram.
    • Rifle-Focused
    • Edge-Focused
    • Arrival-Focused
  • Advanced Exodus Focus – Create each kind of Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram.
    • Assassin-Focused
    • CQC-Focused
  • Advanced Dredgen Focus – Create each kind of Dredgen-Focused Umbral Engram.
    • Contrast-Focused
    • Lead-Focused
  • Advanced Armor Focus – Create each kind of Armor-Focused Umbral Engram.
    • Mobility-Focused
    • Resilience-Focused
    • Recovery-Focused
    • Discipline-Focused
    • Intellect-Focused
    • Strength-Focused
  • Contact: Destinations – Successfully complete the Contact public event on each available destination.
    • Io
    • Titan
  • Contact: Heavy Hitters – Defeat each boss in the Contact public event and activate its Heroic mode.
    • Taken Pyromaster
    • Taken Monstrosity
    • Taken Howler
  • Interference: Loop – Complete each of the three encounter types in the mission “Interference:” disperse rituals, carry relics, and destroy crystal disruptors.
    • Ritual Encounter
    • Relic Encounter
    • Crystal Encounter
  • Interference: Clear the air – Defeat Savathun’s mysterious Supplicant in mission “Intereference.”
  • Ancient Light Anew – Collect all 25 of the Calcified Light fragments.
  • Hive-God Optometrist – Find and destroy all of Savathun’s Eyes.
  • Exodus: Preparation – Complete the Exotic quest “Exodus: Preparation.”
  • Exodus: Evacuation – Complete the Exotic quest “Exodus: Evacuation.”

Season of Arrivals Badge Requirements

There was no PVE badge last season, instead that was given to Trials of Osiris. There is a Season of Arrivals badge this time around, however. The good news is it isn’t required for the title! Regardless, here are your targets:

Note: As it stands, the badge does not list the dungeon weapons or armor as required.

  • Enneagon Ship – Prismatic Recaster
  • Season of Arrival Armor
    • Holdfast Helmet
    • Holdfast Gloves
    • Holdfast Chest
    • Holdfast Boots
    • Holdfast Class Items
  • Witherhoard Exotic – Season Pass
  • Traveler’s Chosen Exotic – Exotic Quest
  • Ruinous Effigy Exotic – Exotic Quest
  • Umbral Engram Weapons
    • False Promises
    • Whispering Slab
    • Hollow Words
    • First In, Last Out
    • Temptation’s Hook
    • Berenger’s Memory

Settled Differences Emblem & Carminica Shader – Seasonal Crucible Quest

Bungie has condensed these quests down to a single step. You no longer have to complete two different steps, one for the emblem, and one for the shader.

  • 1,400 Opponents defeated as a team
  • 3 Valor ranks
  • 10 Crucible victories

Long-Boy Special Emblem & Ruin Wreath Shader – Seasonal Gambit Quest

Fireteam members contribute toward progress. Wielding auras from Reaper and Collector sets grants additional progress.

  • 1,200 targets defeated
  • 6 Infamy ranks
  • 750 motes banked

Strike at the Heart Emblem & Vanguard Marshal Shader – Seasonal Vanguard Quest

Bungie has reduced the number of bosses and points needed to earn this, but has increased the numbers of enemies defeated in return.

  • 65 Bosses defeated in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 800,000 Points earned in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 850 Enemies defeated with Solar damage

And that’s it! Best of luck grinding out the title this season. Looking for more Destiny 2 information? Here’s a look at what Bungie has in store for the next three months.


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