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Destiny 2 False Promises Guide - How to Get False Promises & the God Roll

There were quite a few new weapons introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals. From the return of old favorites such as the Ikelos SR to newcomers like the obscenely powerful Falling Guillotine,  it can be overwhelming to pick which gun is for you. One of the first you’ll likely encounter in Season of Arrivals is the False Promises auto rifle, which has one of the most flexible perk pools in the entire game. Boasting multiple terrific perks for both PVE and PVP, this is a terrific weapon that quite flexible. This allows it to easily slot into most builds, making it a viable choice for almost every PVE activity.

If you are looking for a solid weapon for Beyond Light, here’s how to get the False Promises and what the god rolls are.

How to Get the False Promises

You can get the False Promises by decrypting either a Pyramid-Focused Umbral-Engram or Rifle Focused Umbral Engram. The former is located in the first row of engrams and is unlocked once you can use the Drifter’s Prismatic Recaster. Decrypting this type of engram will give you a one in four chance of receiving the rifle, while the Rifle-Focused Umbral Engram narrows the loot pool down to just two guns. This is obviously the better choice of the two engrams, but it will cost you more Altered Energy.

However, you should be stocked up on Altered Energy if you completed last week’s Ruinous Effigy quest and found all the eyes. It’s also possible to get this gun from decrypting random, un-focused Umbral Engrams. I personally don’t recommend this method since your chances for one are much lower, but if you’re low on Altered Energy this is one way to obtain the gun.

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False Promises God Rolls

False Promises PVE God Roll

  • Fluted Barrel or Chambered Compensator
  • Appended Mag or Flared Magwell
  • Overflow
  • Unrelenting or Swashbuckler

So the “god roll” for the False Promises will probably be our most debated choice. This is not only due to the large perk pool, but the sheer quality of perks. Because of this, we definitely recommend looking at this weapon’s Light.gg page to see all the possible perk combinations available. That being said, for the first slot, I am going to focus on a barrel that helps us control the gun’s recoil. Both Fluted Barrel and Chambered Compensator provide this, which will give us a nice boot to these two stats. In the second slot, I am selecting Appended Mag to increase the magazine size.

While there are some solid options for the first core perk, we are going with Overflow. This has proven to always be one of the most devastatingly potent abilities in the game, as it lets you mow throw hordes of enemies without ever reloading. Combining this with either Swashbuckler or Unrelenting turns the False Promises into one of the best PVE auto rifles available. Personally, I prefer Unrelenting since it gives you way more survivability – especially in endgame activities like the new dungeon. For those that have no trouble staying alive, Swashbuckler is the damage perk you should be hunting for.

False Promises PVP God Roll

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • High-Caliber Rounds
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction or Killing Wind
  • Zen Moment or Rampage

Thankfully, the PVP roll of False Promises is much easier to decipher. Keep in mind, this is not anywhere near the best auto rifle in PVP right now, as The Summoner and Gnawing Hunger are far superior options. That being said, the first two perks will solely focus on increasing the gun’s range. Both Hammer-Forged Rifling and High-Caliber Rounds moderately raise this stat, letting us engage targets at greater distances.

Our first core perk is Dynamic Sway Reduction, which is the best stability perk you can have on any automatic weapon. It’s easily a best in slot perk, especially if you are having any issues controlling the gun’s recoil. If this isn’t an issue, then Killing Wind is another terrific perk. New to Season of the Arrivals, Killing Wind awards a mobility, damage range, and handling bonus when killing someone. This is perfect for Crucible, as it lets you take down multiple foes or chain kills.

For those that decide to use Killing Wind, I strongly recommend Rampage as your second perk. Not only does this synergize perfectly, but it turns the False Promises into an absolute monster if you can reach Rampage x3. On the flip side, Zen Moment is another great stability perk that will turn this weapon into a laser (not literally). Combine this with our range boosting perks and you have a solid PVP gun that is great for those who are either just starting or don’t feel like grinding Trials of Osiris for The Summoner.

Whichever part of the game you decide, False Promises is a fun, great pick and it’s definitely worth hunting down the god roll.

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