Destiny 2 Eyes on Atheon Guide – How to Beat the Atheon Challenge

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is here and it’s time to elevate your fashion game. Along with new weapons, a 6 player activity, armor, story missions, and season pass, the heavily requested armor transmogrification feature is finally arriving. In this season, players will team up with the Fallen Captain Mithrax to stop the Vex from plunging Earth into total darkness. Along with all this new content, players can also experience the Vault of Glass raid for the first time in Destiny 2. The original raid in the base game, Vault of Glass is beloved by many in the community due to its encounter design and loot. Similar to previous Destiny 2 raids, there are also challenges you’ll need to complete if you want the Fatebreaker title.

Here’s how to finish (and cheese) the Eyes on Atheon challenge:

Eyes on Atheon Challenge Cheese

At the time of writing this, there are two ways to complete the Eyes on Atheon challenge. The first involves forcing the boss to spawn inside of the Venus portal before the actual encounter begins. To do this bug, you’ll need to reach the Gatekeeper encounter and go through it like you normally would. Once you reach the end where everyone has to defend the conflux in the center send two people who aren’t carrying the Relic through the Venus portal. Now hang out here for a few seconds and then kill your Guardian by jumping off the ledge. Do not respawn, as your surviving fireteam will need to complete this portion of the encounter.

Once Gatekeeper is done, click the respawn button. There’s a chance that you will respawn inside of Venus instead of out in the main boss arena. If this doesn’t happen, go run off the ledge, die, and respawn yourself again. Your teammates cannot respawn you, otherwise, this bug won’t work. After a few tries, you should eventually respawn inside Venus with Atheon. Don’t worry he is just going to stand there. Now all you have to do is kill him with the weapons you have equipped. While you cannot see his health bar, DARCI will actually display how much HP is left if you scope in on Atheon. If you run out of ammo, just hang out for about 20-30 seconds and the game will instantly refill some of your primary and secondary slots with ammo.

Slaying Atheon inside Venus will automatically complete the final encounter and reward you with the Eyes of Atheon challenge.

Destiny 2 Stars Crossed Emblem

Eyes on Atheon Challenge (Legit)

If you’re reading this you either don’t like cheeses (good for you) or it got patched. Fortunately, this is a pretty simple challenge, despite how deadly the Supplicants are. For this challenge, you need to complete the Atheon encounter without killing any of the Supplicant enemies. However, if the Supplicant kills itself in an attempt to blow your Guardian up, that doesn’t count. Because of this, you can bait the Harpies to detonate without firing a single bullet. When the encounter starts, go through the motions until Atheon opens up the timestream.

Once this happens, someone needs to hop on the pillar of the gate where your warped team is, while another stands on a platform to make callouts. The third’s job is to try and force as many Supplicants to kill themselves as possible. This can be pretty tricky and deadly, so I recommend using a Hunter so they can go invisible if their health gets too low. A Warlock with Boots of the Assembler can also help since they will provide health orbs to their teammate. You want to prioritize all the Supplicants around the gate the other half of your team will be emerging from.

Remember to be conscious of your teammate on the pillar, because the explosions can sometimes damage them as well. Once the damage phase starts, everyone should go to the center and use Anarchy with the Breach and Clear mod. This makes depleting Atheon’s health bar much simpler without worrying about hitting enemy Supplicants that might be roaming around. I strongly recommend you avoid using Blade Barrage or Top Tree Nova Bomb. These can sometimes target Supplicants and kill them when you attach Atheon. Chaos Reach is possible, but you’ll want to be careful the beam doesn’t pierce Atheon and hit enemies behind him. Once the damage p[hase is over, work on clearing out any Supplicants by making them manually detonate and then repeat until this boss is dead.


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