Destiny 2 Exotic Cipher Guide – How to Get Old Exotics

Upon loading into the Tower this past week, you may have noticed our favorite Cryptarch Rahool has a handful of Destiny 2 exotics from past seasons. To get these, however, you’ll need to spend some resources including something called an exotic cipher. But what are these items and how do you get them? The answer is relatively simple, at least for now, though we hope and think Bungie will add more sources in the future.

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How to Get an Exotic Cipher

The only way to get an exotic cipher currently is through the Season of Arrivals battle pass. The bad news is you won’t get one until level 55 and it’s the only one that we know of. If you missed more than one exotic weapon in the past few seasons, you’re simply out of luck for now. That said, the exotic cipher is on the free track so even if you haven’t purchased a single season pass you can now get a taste of that content now.

As a reminder, if you’re mostly interested in leveling up your battle pass, it pays to play three separate characters of varying classes. That way you can do all of the weeklies and max out both your Bright Dust and XP production. Since season pass progress is shared across characters, it’s the most efficient way to rapidly gain levels.

What Exotics Are Available?

Right now Rahool has Leviathan’s Breath, Eriana’s Vow, Bastion, Symmetry, and Devil’s Ruin. All of these exotics were available in previous seasons via their respective season passes or through time limited exotic quests.

While Bungie may have let old exotic quests sit in your quest log for all of time, it has recently started to have these expire at the end of the season, locking away their completion. Because of that the team has had to implement new ways for players to get their hands on old content. This is the first time the studio has brought back exotics, though it’s also made old legendary weapons and armor return as well. The Escalation Protocol armor was brought back last season and now the IKELOS weapons are in the Season of Arrivals loot pool. You can earn most of those in the Contact public event though the shotgun is locked behind the Prophecy Dungeon.

Depending on how you look at it, the good news is that you can’t purchase an exotic cipher in Eververse or via any of the other Destiny storefronts right now. You’re only hope at the moment is to spend some time grinding this season. Perhaps Bungie wanted to space out the catch up mechanic to take place over multiple seasons, rather than just letting players who haven’t been around get all of the exotics quickly.

We’ll be sure to let you know if any of this information ever changes, but for now, check out the rest of our Destiny 2 coverage. We have guides on the new Contact public event including how to make it heroic, a look at all of this season’s Silver exclusive Eververse items, a walkthrough of the new Prophecy dungeon, and more!


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