How to Get Your Dreambane Armor Back if You Dismantled it in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Early on in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, you’ll have to work with Eris Morn to craft a suit of Dreambane Armor. Each piece is the reward for completing a specific quest, but in all the excitement it’s easy to miss one important thing: you need the full armor set to progress in the campaign. It’s easy to get into the habit of dismantling your gear in Destiny 2, especially on the power climb to the soft cap. But don’t do that with the Dreambane Armor. If you’re not wearing it, stuff it in your vault or lock it to prevent accidental dismantling (or both).

Of course, it’s possible that this warning comes too late for you. Well, all is not lost — you can actually get new pieces of Dreambane Armor in two ways.

I Dismantled My Dreambane Armor, Now What?

Needing a specific set of gear is a very unusual requirement for a Destiny 2 quest, so I don’t blame you if you ditched the Dreambane Armor already. Unfortunately, since the Dreambane Armor has random rolls, you can’t pull it from your collections. Instead, you’ll want to head to the Sanctuary on the Moon.

Here, you’ve got two options. The first, and far easier route, is only available if you’ve already completed all of the Shadowkeep quests for the Dreambane Armor and have the “Beyond” quest available. That’s the quest that requires a full suit of Dreambane Armor to enter. At that point, you can return to Eris and purchase Dreambane Armor from her for the cost of 1 Phantasmal Fragment, 10 Gunsmith Materials, 5 Legendary Shards, and 3,000 Glimmer. If you can’t purchase this armor, it’s because you haven’t reached the “Beyond” quest yet — finish the rest of the armor quests then come back to pick up whatever you’re missing.

Second, you can purchase Nightmare Essences that are the same as the ones you originally cleansed to get your Dreambane Armor. That means you’ll have to complete the same steps for each one you’ve deleted again. Oh, and you’ll need Phantasmal Cores to purchase Nightmare Essence. You can get these in one of two ways. First, there’s a weekly bounty at the Lectern of Enchantment that rewards you with one. Second, you can trade in 20 Phantasmal Fragments for one. You get those by completing bounties and defeating Nightmare enemies.

Again, the first option is far easier and seems like it was specifically added to account for players who accidentally dismantle their Dreambane Armor before they need it. Thankfully, the cost isn’t too high, either. You should have Phantasmal Fragments from completing bounties and defeating Nightmare enemies, Gunsmith Materials and Legendary Shards are easy to come by from dismantling gear, and Glimmer you can get from doing more or less anything in the game.

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  1. I have all the pieces but they are at power 860 and I am at 1037. Am I supposed to infuse each piece with a non Dream Bane armor to elevate it or what is the next step once you have obtained all of the pieces ?

    1. Hey it really depends. If you’re doing the Shadowkeep story, just keep it as is since you won’t need a super high power. If you want to keep it then you will need to infuse it with non-Dreambane armor! I don’t entirely recommend this since the set won’t be terribly useful when the next expansion drops on Nov 10

  2. I’ve done all the armor stuff, but it wont let me buy it back. What the hell, I’m trying to complete the campaign, absolutely stupid move to make a mission armor specific

      1. I have this problem too and I do see the piece I need to finally end the full quest, but…… it is greyed out, I can not buy it from Eris. And I was already keeping it aside but accidentally ended up taking it apart… I only realised it seconds after and thought… Well no problem, I can get it still… but nope. The quest that I got it with I already did too and I can not redo that one. So… Now what?

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