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Destiny 2 Darkest Before Guide – God Roll & How to Get It

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is here and we’re heading back to The Dreaming City. Acting as a prologue to The Witch Queen expansion, this season revolves around freeing Savathun from her worm god to save Osiris from her clutches. Along with a new seasonal activity, players can also obtain new armor, weapons, exotics, and in-game consumables. Players can also obtain reprised Trials of the Nine weapons, which were only available for a short time during Destiny 2’s first year. One of these weapons is a solid PVP and PVE pulse rifle, Darkest Before. Here’s how to add this firearm to your collection and what perks you’ll want.

How to Get Darkest Before

You can get Darkest Before as a reward for completing the final encounter in the Prophecy dungeon. This is a possible reward for defeating the final boss. It will not drop from any other encounter. However, if you do get the weapon it will then start appearing in the dungeon’s two secret chests. Keep in mind, there is no limit to how many times you can complete this encounter. Meaning, if you really want this pulse rifle you can keep redoing the final boss fight until you, hopefully, obtain a roll you like. If you are unfamiliar with Prophecy, I wrote a guide on how to complete each encounter back when it launched. Darkest Before will not drop from any other activity in Destiny 2, so if you want this gun prepare to venture into the dungeon.

Darkest Before God Rolls

Darkest Before PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Appended Mag or High-Caliber Rounds
  • Overflow or Subsistence
  • Rampage or One For All

When it comes to PVE, you will definitely want the Arrowhead Brake as your barrel perk. Getting +30 to our recoil stat makes this weapon so easy to control when firing as fast as possible. For our magazine, I recommend Appended Mag to increase the number of bullets per clip. Alternatively, you can pick High-Caliber Rounds to boost the range of the weapon while allowing you to knock back targets. Ricochet Rounds is also a viable option since it also raises our stability stat along with range.

In the first primary perk slot, we are looking at either Overflow or Subsistence. Both of these are top-tier PVE perks that revolve around giving you more bullets in the clip. Personally, I prefer Subsistence since we spend less time reloading, but Overflow is also an incredible option. Synergizing with these perks is either Rampage or One For All. While Rampage is a simple, easy-to-use damage perk, I always found that One For All is a better option for high-level content like Grandmaster Nightfalls. Any combination of the two perk columns will net you what many would consider a god roll. If you’re looking for a good PVE pulse rifle, I recommend farming for a good Darkest Before.

Darkest Before PVP God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Tunnel Vision or Quickdraw
  • Elemental Capacitor

For those wanting to take this into PVP, I am once again suggesting  Arrowhead Brake for the recoil control and handling bonuses. Ricochet Rounds gives us some more range and added stability, helping turn this weapon into a laser beam. Tunnel Vision only enhances how effective this firearm is after every kill thanks to the target acquisition and ADS (aim down sights) boost. If you aren’t having any trouble landing headshots, I recommend Quickdraw instead to ensure you can rapidly snap to a target before they can react.

Our final perk is going to be an odd one but hear me out. Elemental Capacitor is probably one of the most slept on PVP perks simply because it’s reliant on playing specific subclasses. However, the boosts it can give to handling, reload speed, recoil, and stability are pretty significant. Since you always want to hit every bullet in each burst Elemental Capacitor’s bonuses make this a very simple task. If this isn’t your cup of tea then Rampage is always a solid option since no one is gonna argue with damage boosts.

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