Destiny 2 Cosmic Sugar Cube Guide – How to Get & Use the Cosmic Sugar Cube

The Dawning returns to Destiny 2 once again! While there are plenty of rewards to chase and there’s a quest line to complete, your main focus will be baking up a bunch of wonderful treats for various NPCs. While most of these are created from ingredients you harvest from dead enemies, one of the gifts is earned simply through dumb luck. Called the Cosmic Sugar Cube, this snack for everyone’s favorite space horse is found in Xur’s Treasure Room.

You can get the Cosmic Sugar Cube from the Treasure Ogre that sometimes randomly replaces the end boss in the second encounter. Killing it will sometimes spawn a Cosmic Sugar Cube, which you can give to Star Horse in Xur’s Treasure Room for a Gift In Return. It cannot be baked or obtained any other way, so be ready to grind this activity a lot if you want to give this adorable game show host a present. You can find Star Horse next to the mod chest on the lower floor among the piles of gold coins. Walking up to it will give you a prompt to offer the cube.

Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity

And that’s it. But I still need, like, 400 more words so the SEO gods don’t ignore my guide. So while I still have you here, why don’t we talk about Gambit and Dares of Eternity?

For roughly the past two weeks, I’ve been pondering about what can even be done with Gambit in Destiny 2. You remember Gambit, right? That PVEVP activity you only do whenever you need to grind for a specific weapon, earn your Pinnacle Engram, or complete some Weekly Challenges before never touching it again? Having played through Dares of Eternity, I’ve come to the conclusion that we should just replace Gambit with this game show.

Gambit’s main issue has always been balancing. From the rate at which heavy ammo spawns to how many times a player can invade and the wholesale removal of an entire Gambit format, this activity has struggled from day one. Much of this is due to Bungie’s attempts to integrate the ever-changing PVE sandbox, which often revolves around the idea of killing a boss as fast as humanly possible, with a competitive format. It just doesn’t work. Destiny 2’s PVE is designed around constantly stacking damage buffs, weakening enemies, and finding ways to circumvent nearly every action so you can optimize your DPS (damage-per-second.) What this often leads to is one team in a Gambit match absolutely steamrolling the other.

This leaves players feeling frustrated. There is rarely anything they can do to stop a team unless the one person who invades can do so before they nuke a boss’ health bar.  It’s not a fun experience even if you’re on the winning side. There’s no sense of challenge or edge of your seat moments that activities like raids, dungeons, and even Trials of Osiris offer. Gambit is simply about which team can get to their Primeval faster so they can obliterate their health bar with One Thousand Voices, Sleeper Simulants, and Gjallarhorns. So after playing what can only be described as an unhealthy amount of Dares of Eternity, I believe Bungie should just outright replace Gambit as a core activity with it.

When I say replace, I don’t simply mean take what we have now and only offer that. Dares of Eternity is a fun activity, but it’s pretty limited in what it delivers right now. However, the sheer potential of a Guardian-themed game show is huge. Dares of Eternity excels in how it throws all competition to the wind in lieu of absolute madness. I love it.

Dares of Eternity is a mode that doesn’t ask a lot from players but still feels rewarding upon repeat playthroughs. Each of the three main encounters boasts five unique mechanics that keep the action engaging without making it tedious, or being overly reliant on everyone on your team to perform at peak efficiency. If they’re lucky, players can obtain unlimited heavy ammo in the second and third stages, which is exactly as chaotic and entertaining as it sounds. Being able to just continuously launch Gjallarhorn rockets everywhere is a hoot and the kind of playfulness Destiny 2 has always excelled at. It allows a nice sense of freedom ⁠— where being able to instantly nuke a boss doesn’t really matter ⁠— while also serving as a great way to experiment with the latest guns, builds, and abilities. Seeing a random Treasure Ogre that drops extra loot or a session of Lightning Rounds begin at the end of the third encounter is always a welcome surprise, too.

If Bungie expanded on this, letting dear old Drifter host the game show across different planets with different challenges, I imagine it would be a bigger hit than Gambit. Adding more random modifiers, enemies, or even mechanics could really keep this mode from feeling stale — even to the psychopaths like me who spend way too much time on Destiny 2. Hell, Bungie could even expand upon the various hazards and obstacle courses you need to run through between encounters.

Dares of Eternity is absolutely bursting with potential, and I would be really disappointed if this ended up being a one-time thing for Bungie’s 30th anniversary. As we move into a new era of Destiny 2 this February, maybe it’s time we vault Gambit and give a certain space horse, cosmic merchant, and scruffy degenerate a new activity for players to enjoy.