Destiny 2 Contact Public Event Guide – How to Make It Heroic

As per usual, the addition of a new public event type to Destiny 2 may have you wondering how to unlock the true Heroic version. The Contact public event is integral for the Season of Arrivals and you’ll be completing it may times over so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to complete it.

Keep in mind that the event has not taken place on Titan yet and it may be different when it switches over from Io.

How to Complete the Contact Public Event

At a base level, you’re basically playing Gambit except there’s a timer for completion. Kill enemies which drop motes of darkness and pick these up before banking them in the collector. You can carry a maximum of ten motes unless you’ve upgraded your Prismatic Recaster in which case you can carry up to 15. Banking all 15 at once with this upgrade causes a heavy ammo crate to spawn. Dying causes you to lose all of the motes you’re carrying.

Once the bank is full Taken will begin to spawn including multiple champions. You need to eliminate these enemies before the timer expires. Champions will lock the bank if you get too close.

This process repeats four times with the power level of enemies increasing each time up to a maximum of 1030. If you successfully complete all four waves, you’ll encounter a fifth and final wave with a boss.

This Taken boss spawns blights around the area which must be destroyed. These blights cause it to be immune to all damage so try to deal with them quickly. You’re still on a time limit for this encounter as well. Enemies in this fight will be 1040 power level.

How to Make the Event Heroic

On each of the first four waves, once you get a total of ten motes in the bank, you’ll get a notification that reads “concentrated darkness coalesces nearby.” This is accompanied by a bloom that appears a bit in the distance. If you can’t find it, there’s usually an icon and a beam of light will run from the collector to the center of the zone you need to go to.

There will be two decently tough enemies and a champion at this location that you need to defeat. Upon killing the champion it will drop a bloom that you can insert into the bank. This provides extra progress but is also what you need to upgrade the event to Heroic.

To unlock the Heroic Contact public event you must insert one bloom in each of the first four waves.

What Are the Rewards?

From what we can tell completing the Heroic event increases your chance at earning an Umbral Engram. Still not entirely sure how that system works? We have a dedicated guide that goes over all the materials you need and gives an overview of the system.

As a forewarning, while you can refine these engrams to narrow the loot pool, it’s been discovered that doing so frequently lowers the power level of the item that drops from it. For example, I had a 1002 power Umbral Engram drop yesterday and refining it would have decreased that to 996. Be careful!

But that’s it! Best of luck on this season’s escapades!


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