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Destiny 2 Compass Rose Guide - God Roll & How to Get It (Solstice 2022)

With the Destiny 2 seasonal story arc concluded, the Solstice event has officially returned to give you more goodies to grind for. Similar to previous Solstice events, players will be able to upgrade the armor they earn to unlock unique glows that change depending on your subclass. The EAZ activity returns, but with a noticeable twist. Instead of just killing enemies within a time limit, players are tasked with igniting and building a massive bonfire. Of course, the main thing you care about is getting all that sweet, sweet loot. Along with the Something New hand cannon, players can now hunt down a new Precision Frame shotgun called the Compass Rose.

How to Get Compass Rose

You can only get Compass Rose during the Solstice event. Tied to the Bonfire Bash, this firearm has a chance to drop at the end of the activity once you kill the final boss. The higher you build the bonfire seems to impact the number of rewards you get, but obtaining a shotgun isn’t guaranteed. Additionally, Eva may reward you with one upon completing her weekly quest of finishing 8 Solstice bounties. However, if you want to grind for this weapon you will need to spend some time in the Bonfire Bash as it doesn’t drop from any other activity.

Destiny 2 Compass Rose God Roll

Compass Rose God Rolls

Compass Rose PVE God Roll

  • Smallbore
  • Assault Mag
  • Surplus or Lead From Gold
  • Vorpal Weapon or Incandescent

When it comes to the Compass Rose PVE god roll it entirely depends on what you will be using this shotgun for. Because of this, I decided to include a roll that’s great for single-target boss damage and one for general use. Regardless of your primary perks, you will first want Smallbore to boost our range and stability. You can run Full Choke, but this reduce our precision damage. In the first primary perk slot go for either Surplus or Lead From Gold. The former is terrific for general use since you can get quite a few passive stat buffs while Lead From Gold works wonders for endgame content where ammo can be scarce.

In your second slot, I recommend either Vorpal Weapon or Incandescent. Vorpal Weapon is terrific for taking down bosses or Champions, making it the perk you’ll want for harder activities. That being said, Incandescent is so much damn fun on Compass Rose. Turning one shotgun blast into a burst of fire makes it exceptionally deadly against hordes of adds.

Compass Rose PVP God Roll

  • Full Choke
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Quickdraw
  • Snapshot Sights or Vorpal Weapon

As for the PVP roll, you will want both Full Choke and Accurized Rounds to give you better range. Both of these perks combined make the Compass Rose way more consistent in fights, allowing you to easily take down Guardians before they can react. To help us win our shotgun fights, we are also looking for Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights. These two perks combined make the Compass Rose terrifying in the right hands, as you can ADS (aim down sights) comically quick with this gun. Given the base range of 66, this turns the Compass Rose into a PVP monster and certainly one of the best shotguns for Crucible. Another solid perk you can get is Vorpal Weapon, which is great for killing Guardians in their Supers.

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