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Destiny 2 Lure Guide - How to Charge the Cryptolith Lures

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt has officially begun, so it’s time to join Spider, Osiris, and Uldren Sov (now called the Crow) as they battle against the Hive’s corruptive forces. Taking a cue from the Monster Hunter franchise, players will need to construct lures, attack, track, and kill various enemies infesting the Tangled Shore. But that’s easier said than done, as you will need to actually charge the lure’s Crow gives you to draw out these foes. Doing this will, you guessed it, require the player to do some grinding in playlist activities. Acting as the core item for this season, here’s how to charge the Season of the Hunt’s Cryptolith Lure.

How to Charge the Lure

Once you complete the first Season of the Hunt mission and speak to Spider, he will direct you to talk to Crow. Speak to him to unlock not only his bounties but the new Cryptolith Lure. He will then instruct you to charge the device by playing either Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible matches. You will need to fill up a percentage bar to earn a single lure, which is then stored in this device. Your Cryptolith Lure can hold a total of three charges before you need to spend them without wasting your time. Each activity gives a different percentage amount upon completion and you can also earn progress towards obtaining a lure by defeating powerful combatants or landing precision kills.

Here’s the breakdown of how much you earn from each activity:

  • Strike Completion – 50%
  • Gambit Match Completion – 50%
  • Crucible Match Completion – 33%

Of the three, I recommend just grinding out Strikes since you will not only make more significant progress, but you’ll run into more powerful combatants. Keep in mind, any progress you make beyond 100% will not be carried over when the progress bar resets for your next charge. So if you are in a Strike with 93% and complete another Strike, you won’t suddenly have 43% progress on the Cryptolith Lure. Because of this, it’s sometimes better to bump between Crucible matches and Strikes to ensure you’re not wasting time.

Gambit is another choice, but who the fuck wants to play Gambit?

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Once you have a lure, go to the Tangled Shore and spike the lure into the designated spot. This will summon a boss that you need to weaken. When the boss is down to about 25% health, it will run away forcing you to follow its trail. After finding its lair, you will need to kill that and another boss before you complete this mission and earn any rewards it drops. Remember, you will want to partake in these hunts as they unlock new Trophies which can help determine what perks and stats the gun drops with. It’s a nice system that alleviates some of the tedious grind — especially since it takes about a half-hour to charge a single lure.

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