Destiny 2 Beyond Light Adept Guide – How to Get Adept Weapons

With Destiny 2’s latest expansion Beyond Light is almost here, players can venture to the icy moon of Europa, gain new Stasis abilities, and hunt down tons of loot. While there are plenty of options and gear for PVE players to chase, those looking to dabble in PVP will need to brave the Trials of Osiris. As announced in a blog post a few weeks back, Adept weapons are finally making their return as a reward. Initially missing from both Trials of the Nine and Trials of Osiris, these endgame guns are meant for those good enough to survive seven games of Trials of Osiris without losing. These weapons will be available Friday, November 27th when Trials of Osiris goes live.

Here’s how to get Adept weapons, what changes they offer, and how to earn Adept mods.

(Author’s Note: Since all the info for obtaining these weapons was released we will be using that for this guide. If anything changes when Beyond Light releases we will update this guide.)

How to Get Adept Weapons & Adept Mods

To earn Adept weapons you will need to have a Flawless Passage in Trials of Osiris and then open the Flawless chest at Mercury’s Lighthouse. For the unfamiliar, this means you need to first go visit Saint-14 in The Tower’s hanger and pick up one of the boons offered. Once selected and your fireteam assembled, you will need to win seven matches in a row without losing a single one.

Any loss while not using the Boon of Mercy will disqualify you from obtaining an Adept weapon on that card. Thankfully, you can try as many times as you like during the Friday-Monday period that this mode is active. Additionally, Adept weapons will appear in the chest on a bi-weekly basis, while Adept mods are available every week. Which one you earn is entirely dependant on what week it is, so make sure to check before you attempt to go flawless.

What are Adept Weapons & Adept Mods

Unlike regular weapons, the Adept variant will drop masterworked and feature additional bonuses to the non-masterwork stat. So if you get an Adept scout rifle with a Range masterwork, it will receive +10 to that stat and +3 to every other stat on the gun. This is unlike any other weapon in the entire game, making these Trials of Osiris weapons incredibly potent. Adept weapons will also come with their own unique shaders that cannot be applied to any piece of gear or obtained by dismantling. These changes will make them highly coveted by both PVP and PVE players, simply due to them outclassing a lot of other firearms in their respective archetypes.

As for Adept mods, they are a little different and will come in two variants. The first is simply giving you a +10 stat bonus to whatever stat the mod revolves around. So if you have an Adept Handling mod, putting this on your gun will give it +10 to Handling. The other mod variant offers an altered version of existing mods, but with more noticeable downsides. So the Adept Mag mod gives a firearm +40 to its magazine with a -20 reduction to handling, while the base Backup Mag mod only offers a +30 to the magazine. Of the two mods, personally, I foresee the stat boost mods being far more popular. Being able to essentially have two masterwork stats is extremely strong on any weapon.

If you’re looking for a reason to hop back into Trials of Osiris, obtaining these weapons is definitely worth the effort.