Destiny 2 Best Titan Build for Season of the Chosen

Please don't nerf it Bungie.

If you were paying attention during the first few days of Season of the Chosen, you may have seen footage of streamers one-shotting just about every boss in Destiny 2 using a fireteam of Titans. A lot of the community thought it was something Bungie would nerf right away because of how broken it is when multiple Guardians run the new Titan exotic, but that hasn’t been the case. This Destiny 2 build guide will help you chunk bosses left and right using the new Cuirass of the Falling Star exotic chest armor.

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Cuirass of the Falling Star Build


  • Kinetic – Anything
  • Energy – Salvager’s Salvo
  • Heavy – Anything


  • Exotic Chest – Cuirass of the Falling Star

The focus of this build is Cuirass of the Falling Star. For those of you who haven’t played Titan or don’t frequently use Thundercrash, with this exotic you gain a full overshield for 20 full seconds when you travel the max possible distance. That’s incredibly useful when you’re diving head first into a group of foes. With that much time you can either clean up or make a full retreat without having to worry too much about dying.

Even from point blank range you can nearly one shot strike bosses yourself. And that doesn’t even take into account Volatile Conduction which grants bonus Arc Super damage if cast while critically wounded. Because of the new exotic, you gain such a large overshield that being at critical health isn’t a factor at all and just boosts your damage by 30 percent.

Needless to say, if you run this with a few other friends, you can take down bosses like they’re a joke. Imagine the possibilities in raids. Boss phases, who?

While technically you can run anything you want with this exotic, we heavily recommend Salvager’s Salvo in the Energy slot. I can’t count the number of times Guides Writer Collin MacGregor has told the Destiny players at Fanbyte how badly they need to unlock Salvager’s Salvo. The perks on this thing are wild. It’s got Firefly so every enemy it kills also explodes. If you want boss DPS it has Vorpal Weapon, Demolitionist if you’re running a grenade build, and Ambitious Assassin for two shots in the chamber. The flexibility this thing offers is wild!

Core Mods

Honestly one of the best parts of this Titan build is you don’t need to run super specific mods to get the maximum potential out of it. Volatile Conduction is really the only required mod out there. This leaves you open to use any anti-barrier, overload, Warmind Cell, or Charged with Light mods you like!

  • Volatile Conduction (6 Energy Class Mod) – Grants bonus Arc Super damage if cast while critically wounded. Lasts until the end of the Super activation. Provides a 30 percent damage boost and thanks to our overshield, it’s not a huge risk unlike other classes.

Additional Mods

These are simply some armor mods to consider running. None of them are key to the build, so don’t feel forced to hunt down and run them. If you want to play around with Warmind Cells, we’ve also included some recommendations there too.

  • Surge Detonators (2 Energy Class Mod) – Arc grenades disrupt combatants, stunning them, delaying ability regeneration and lowering combatant damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.
  • Hands-On (3 Energy Arc Helmet Mod): It turns out that gaining Super energy from melee kills is really good in this build, who would have thought?
  • Warmind’s Protection – Void: One of the best Warmind mods for high-level content, Warmind’s Protection causes enemies around a cell to deal reduced damage. This allows us to just produce a cell and leave it on the ground, acting as a debuff for any foe around it. When combined with Icefall Mantles, we will be able to tank even more incoming damage.
  • Global Reach – Any Element: This mod simply extends the effects and blast radius of our Warmind Cells. It’s a simple, but potent mod that is found in almost any Warmind build.

You also get to leave open your primary slot for a Scout Rifle if you need anti-barrier rounds or anything like that. Speaking of, you may want to go unlock Dead Man’s Tale.


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