Destiny 2 Best Sidearms Guide – February 2020 Meta

Sidearms have never been particularly meta in Destiny 2, but that’s changed a little in the Season of the Dawn with some buffs to the archetype and the addition of some powerful new Legendary and Exotic weapons. These little guys are typically less impactful than their hand cannon cousins, though they fire much quicker — and with the right perk setup, they can be quite powerful in their own right. Here are some recommendations on which sidearms to use in Destiny 2 PVE and PVP play.

Devil’s Ruin

One of only two Exotic sidearms in the game, Devil’s Ruin is a great choice for PVE players who want something a little different. Holding down the fire button produces a continuous laser that can be swept over multiple enemies to do big damage, a trait that has earned it the affectionate title of “10 Voices.” Additionally, Devil’s Ruin is one of the few primary Exotic weapons that’s worth running in high-level activities, since its alternate fire is effective against Unstoppable champions. It has a slow reload, so make sure to clear out most of your magazine before you [Dr. Evil Voice] fire the laser.

Great For: PVE

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You’ll need to grind Gambit Prime to get one, but the Lonesome is one of the best Legendary sidearms in the game. Its strength lies primarily in its great perk pool, including all-timers like Full Auto, Rapid Hit, and Demolitionist. The curated roll that can drop from Prime is nothing to scoff at either, boasting Overflow and Swashbucker. It’s a ton of fun to use in PVE, especially with builds invested in getting up close and personal. I mean, you can roll a Graverobber/Swashbuckler combo on this thing. Delicious.

Great For: PVE
Okay For: PVP


One of the new Saint-14-themed weapons from this season, the Breachlight is a weapon with a lot of possibilities. Its Aggressive Frame means that it fires in two-shot bursts, which can be effective in both PVE and PVP. For the Crucible, it has access to the powerful Vorpal Weapon to take down roaming super Guardians. In PVE, Demolitionist and Osmosis open up some interesting builds, while Outlaw and Multikill Clip provide no-nonsense add clear options. Best of all, right now you can roll Breachlights to your heart’s content by picking up bounties then donating Fractaline at the Tower.

Great For: PVE
Good For: Gambit, PVP

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Last Hope

Another Season of the Dawn addition (though technically returning from Year 1), Last Hope is also a burst-firing sidearm. This one plays a little different from Breachlight, though, hitting harder with a lower range. Feeding Frenzy and Rampage is a tried-and-true combination for PVE, while Rangefinder plus Tap the Trigger help mitigate its weaknesses in PVP.

Great For: PVE, PVP
Good For: Gambit

Traveler’s Judgement 5

The new and improved Traveler’s Judgement 5 has an incredible perk pool. It has sights, range-boosting rounds, and powerful perks like Rapid Hit, Feeding Frenzy, Surrounded, and Dragonfly. Get one with a Range masterwork and you’ll be able to shred shotgun users in Crucible.

Great For: PVP
Good For: PVE

That’s it for now! Have any Destiny 2 sidearms that you’d recommend? Swear by Smuggler’s Word or Translation Theory? Let us know in the comments below why you think it’s so good. We’ll update this post alongside most major Destiny 2 updates to add and remove any contenders for best available sidearms.


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