Destiny 2 Best Hunter Build for Season of Dawn

The best Hunter build in Destiny 2 is out there somewhere. You just have to look for it! More realistically, you need to try out a ton of different things and create very specific loadouts for different activities. That kind of theorycrafting can be fun, but it’s also a huge investment. Which is why we’ve gone ahead and made some suggestions for you! Take a look at our guide to the best Hunter build in Destiny 2 during Season of Dawn.

For these builds, I highly recommend using a third-party app, like Destiny Item Manager. Destiny still doesn’t have custom loadout slots. Nor can you filter items in your Vault according to category, element, ammo type, etc. No one Hunter build is ever best for every situation! So saving loadouts will save you a ton of hassle down the line. Anyway, with that said, let’s get to it!

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Best Destiny 2 Hunter Build

Yet another Solar class recommendation this season. The reworked lower-tree Gunslinger comes with new throwing knives which everyone is absolutely loving. Well, the Hunters are at least. They deal extra precision damage and are immediately recharged after a precision kill. And boy is the hitbox very forgiving as to what’s a precision kill and what isn’t. In PVE this is fun, in PVP it can kill multiple enemies in a row with very little effort.

With Gambler’s Dodge you can instantly recharge your melee if you miss, giving you another chance at rattling off those precision knife kills. Combine that with The Sixth Coyote chest armor which gives you a second dodge charge and you can really just keep those knife kills rolling in.

  • Chest Piece: The Sixth Coyote
  • Armor Mods: Mobility Mods for Faster Dodge Cooldown (Actual armor pieces don’t matter)
  • Weapon: Any
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge (Lower Ability)
  • Class: Solar Hunter, Way of the Sharpshooter (Lower Tree)

Whatever you decide to use you’re going to want to equip the following mods:

  • Solar Plexus: Increases damage of all Solar melee abilities. Gain Super energy from performing finishers with a Solar subclass equipped.

For the rest of your mod slots you should fill them with mods that improve the performance of whatever weapons you’re using. If that’s shotgun, throw on Shotgun Scavenger or anything else that tickles your fancy. The Lantern of Osiris favors Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, and Bows this season so those are likely the best picks.

If you’re unsure what weapons to use, we also have guides on the best PVE weapons, Crucible weapons, and even Gambit weapons if that’s your thing!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Destiny 2 Hunter builds for Season of Dawn! We’ll be sure to update this list with more concepts as they come in. And if you have a Hunter build you’d like to suggest, let everyone know in the comments below!