Destiny 2 As A Crow Flies Quest – How to Get Hawkmoon

Hawkmoon is back! A PlayStation exclusive in a previous life, all Destiny 2 owners can now get their hands on this exotic hand cannon. To obtain it, you’ll need to head on over to spider and complete a quest called As the Crow Flies. It’s quite an intricate quest which requires you to head around to multiple planets and locate hidden feathers. In this exotic quest guide, we’ll be listing all of the quest steps and providing tips and locations for each task it asks of you!

(Author’s Note: This is a lengthy quest, so we will be updating it as we go along.)

How to Get Hawkmoon

1. First Feather Location

Your first feather is located right outside of the Spider’s lair. When you leave, the feather will be right by the barricades that block you from driving your Sparrow down the halls. Interact with it to progress the quest and get another clue.

2. Second Feather Location

Your second feather isn’t on The Tangled Shore at all. Instead, bring up your Destination map and head to The Sludge in the EDZ. When you arrive, go to the large rusted catwalk overlooking the Hollowed Grove Lost Sector. It’s not in the Lost Sector, just resting on a vantage point next to a crumbling building. Grab this feather to get your third clue.

3. Third Feather Location

Now bring up your Destination map and head to The Steppes in the Cosmodrome. Thankfully, you don’t have to actually go anywhere when you land. Once you arrive look up to your left at the large, broken pillar and jump up onto it. You’ll see the feather nestled against some of the broken fragments of the wall.

4. Fourth Feather Location

It’s time to head to The Dreaming City! When you land, take your Sparrow up towards the large citadel overlooking the Divillian Mists patrol area. This is where you would enter the building to go to the Blind Well or start the Last Wish. Right at the entrance in a little curved hovel, you will find the fourth feather lying there. If you’re having trouble, look for the white glow as that will indicate where the feather is. The feather will not spawn if you load into the Last Wish raid. It has to be a patrol.

5. Final Feather Location

The final feather is located deep within the Moon. When you land, head to Archer’s Line and enter the Hive stronghold via the entrance along the righthand side of this patrol zone. When you reach the hive entrance, begin heading down into the depths until you reach a large orange room full of enemies. There will be a fork in the road, so take the path to the left, past the large cryptolith, and into the tunnel. Follow the path until you reach the large boss room where the Nightmare Fanatic typically spawns. You’ll find the final feather on the first floor next to the stairs on the left side of the room. Collecting this will complete the feather portion of this quest, so go to the Tangled Shore and speak to Crow.

6. Complete a Mission on the EDZ – Voices in Light

After talking to Crow, he will ask for your assistance. Go to The Sludge in the EDZ and interact with the quest marker outside the Lost Sector entrance. This is a fairly brief, but lore heavy quest that’s not too difficult. Just be ready for some light platforming. Once the mission is done, return to Crow and speak to him to progress the quest.

“A weapon, born of the Light and made from the physical essence of the Traveler, like the Tree of Silver Wings. This is unprecedented.” —Ghost

7. Collect/Generate 50 Orbs of Power – Paracausal Refit

Now that you have the shell of this weapon, it’s time to infuse it with the Light of The Traveler. You’ll need to generate or collect 50 Orbs of Power to do this. I recommend using a masterworked weapon, as this can generate orbs when you rapidly kill enemies. Some great places to farm foes are the Blind Well, Kingship Dock Lost Sector in The Tangled Shore, or the opening portion of the Last Wish Shuro Chi encounter. I found the Lost Sector was easiest since I could average between 20-25 Orbs of Power a run. Just make sure to collect the ones you create!

8. Complete Another Story Mission – Further Interference

After you’ve spoken to Crow, he will give you coordinates for a story mission in the EDZ. This quest will require you to find five feathers throughout the level. Thankfully they are all marked on your HUD by a white triangle. You will find four during your walk to the boss room, with the last one dropped by the boss in the Lake of Shadow’s boss room.

9. Defeat Champions or Guardians – Hunting Party

Did you think you were done? Your next step requires you to kill either Champions or Guardians in Gambit/Crucible. Since Iron Banner is going on this week and Mayhem is available, I recommend either one of these. Killing a Champion only rewards 3% progress, which means you’ll need to run Nightfalls or a lost of Legendary Lost Sectors.

10. Complete One Final Mission – Reforged in the Light

There’s one final step: reforge Hawkmoon. It won’t go as planned though, the Taken will make an appearance in an attempt to disrupt your communications with the Traveler. We can’t let them do that.

Once you’ve done all this, congrats! Hawkmoon is yours!


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