Destiny 2 And to All a Good Flight Guide – Dawning 2020 Quest Steps

If the Gift Abundance quest, aka Share the Dawning Spirit, is the community based goals for The Dawning 2020, And to All a Good Flight is the individual quest line for Destiny 2 players. You see, this year’s exotic ship, Starfarer 7M, can be upgraded in a rather unique way. Heck, it even comes with perks which can help increase the amount of Dawning Spirit you earn during the event. Here are the quest steps you’ll need to complete in order to fully unlock all of the cosmetics and perks for your Starfarer 7M.

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Step 1: A Gift for Amanda – Bake a Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amanda

Good news! The first step is really easy as you’re given the resources to kick things off. Just talk to Eva in the Tower to pick up the quest and bake some Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amanda.

Bake a Chocolate Ship Cookie (Cabal Oil + Null Taste) and deliver to Amanda in the Hangar.

“Amanda works so hard. She made me a lovely transmat effect, but I never get the chance to use it.” —Eva Levante

Step 2: Happy Hollidays – Speak with Amanda in the Hanger.

Now head on over to Amanda in the Hanger. When you give them to her, she’ll give you the Starfarer 7M in return.

Speak with Amanda in the Hangar.

“Amanda has spent months working on your Dawning gift! I know you’ll love it.” —Eva Levante

Step 3: Get into the Spirit – Return to Eva

Now that we’ve done that, it’s time to kick off the actual quest. Talk to Eva.

Return to Eva.

“The Last City is ringing with excitement for the Dawning!” —Eva Levante

Step 4: A Gift for Eva – Bake a Classic Butter Cookie, Generate Dawning Spirit

Now you’ll actually need to go out and do some work. First up, we need to make a Classic Butter Cookie by mixing Taken Butter (Taken kills) and Superb Texture (Super kills) with 25 Essence of Dawning. While you’re gathering those resources, try to complete some Dawning dailies and weeklies because we also need 25 Dawning Spirit!

When completed you’ll get the Shimmerfoil unique shader which can only be applied to Starfarer 7M!

Generate Dawning Spirit, bake a Classic Butter Cookie (Taken Butter + Superb Texture), and deliver to Eva in the Tower.

“It would be rude to demand a gift, so let’s say you thought of this yourself!” —Eva Levante

Step 5: Return to Eva – Give the Gifts to Eva

She demanded her own gift? Fine I guess. Lets give it to her.

Return to Eva and tell her about your delivery.

“Thank you for the gift. It smells delicious!” —Eva Levante

Step 6: A Gift for Devrim – Bake Gentleman’s Shortbread, Generate Dawning Spirit

Again, it appears as if Dawning Spirit is the real limitation here. This time around you’ll need 55 Dawning Spirit. The good news? The number is cumulative and counts any overflow from when you first hit 25. Sometime before you complete that, also bake some Gentleman’s Shortbread for Devrim Kay using Ether Cane (defeat Fallen), Perfect Taste (precision kills), and 25 Essence of Dawning. Then deliver them to him in the EDZ.

Complete this step to unlock engine trail customization!

“The people are giving so much. They want you to feel truly appreciated!” —Eva Levante

Step 7: Return to Eva – Let Eva Know of Your Delivery

Time to see what Eva wants us to do next.

Return to Eva and tell her about your delivery.

“I’d love to have Devrim back in the Last City. Such a charming man.” —Eva Levante

Step 8: A Gift For Eris– Cook Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Generate Dawning Spirit

Now we’re up to 90 Dawning Spirit and a batch of Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for Eris Morn. You can make those using Chitin Powder (Hive kills) and Finishing Touch (kills using Finishers).

Generate Dawning Spirit, bake an Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Chitin Powder + Finishing Touch), and deliver to Eris on the Moon.

“That girl’s not much for sweets… though she did once ask me about pineapple tarts.” —Eva Levante

Step 9: Return to Eva – Head Back to the Tower

Eva still isn’t happy just yet, and she’s going to dispatch us on another mission.

Return to Eva and tell her about your delivery.

“Did you find Eris on the Moon? Grim as that place is, I prefer it to Europa.'” —Eva Levante

Step 10: A Gift for Crow – Bake Bittersweet Biscotti, Generate Dawning Spirit

Well. That Dawning Spirit number sure just keeps ticking up, eh? Now you’ll need 130 Dawning Spirit and a batch of Bittersweet Biscotti for Crow. You can make this new item using Dark Ether Cane (killing Scorn) and Balance Flavors (kills with snipers, scout rifles, or bows). Just make sure you’ve complete the Trail of the Hunted quest first.

Generate Dawning Spirit, bake a Bittersweet Biscotti (Dark Ether Cane + Balanced Flavors), and deliver to Crow in the Tangled Shore. (Requires completion of “Trail of the Hunted” quest.)

“A new Lightbearer. A new immortal… let’s make him feel welcome.” —Eva Levante

Step 11: Return to Eva – You Know the Deal

All right, I promise you this is the last time going back to Eva only to be sent out again.

Return to Eva and tell her about your delivery.

“I’m sure he appreciated your gift. He looks thin.” —Eva Levante

Step 12: A Gift for Zavala – Bake Gjallerdoodles, Generate Dawning Spirit

This is it. Generate 175 Dawning Spirit one final time! Then make some basic Gjallerdoodles for Zavala to distract him from all of us using our newfound Darkness powers and I’m sure everything will be fine. You can bake these using Ether Cane (killing Fallen) and Delicious Explosion (kills with grenades, rocket launchers, or grenade launchers).

Generate Dawning Spirit, bake a Gjallerdoodle (Ether Cane + Delicious Explosion), and deliver to Zavala in the Tower.

“The commander has been distant this Dawning. It’s no mystery as to why.” —Eva Levante

Step 13: Return to Eva – One Final Time

Now talk to Eva and she’s going to send us over to Amanda.

Return to Eva and tell her about your delivery.

“I wish I could take some of his burden, if only to let him rest.” —Eva Levante

Step 14: A Baker’s Bounty – Talk to Amanda in the Hanger

While we haven’t completed the quest ourselves, at this point we imagine your new ship will be fully upgraded. Enjoy!

Speak with Amanda in the Hangar.

“She’s so proud of what she’s made for you!” —Eva Levante


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