Destiny 2 Adept Weapons – How to Get Nightfall Adept Weapons & Mods

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is officially live, so grab your weapon of choice and get ready to face the Cabal horde. Revolving around stopping Emperor Calus’ daughter Caiatl from uniting the Cabal, players will need to take down various champions that are vying for a seat on her War Counsel. But who cares about all that, we’re here for the loot. For PVE players like myself, the top tier weapons you’ll want to hunt down are the new Adept Nightfall weapons that just went live this week. Boasting objectively better stats than their base counterparts, acquiring these items will be quite the challenge — even for experienced teams.

How to Get Adept Nightfall Weapons & Mods

The only way to acquire Adept Nightfall weapons is by completing Grandmaster Nightfall: The Ordeal. This is activity requires players have a minimum Power Level of 1325, with the activity’s difficulty set at 1350. Going beyond 1325 won’t give you any advantage, as your level will be locked thanks to the Contest modifier. Similar to other Nightfall: The Ordeal’s, you will constantly run into a variety of different Champion tier enemies. Killing all of the Champions will reward you with the Platinum reward status at the end of the Nightfall.

Going Platinum is key for increasing your chances of earning Adept weapons and mods. If you miss a Champion the amount and quality of rewards will decrease. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that you’re always killing every Champion you come across. This is easier said than done since most enemies can kill you in just a few hits. Keep in mind, for whatever reason, beating a Grandmaster Nightfall does not guarantee you an Adept even if you achieve the Platinum rank. It may take a couple of tries before one drops and then you are hoping for an Adept roll with good perks.

But what makes Adept weapons worth the extra effort? Similar to the Trials of Osiris Adept variants, masterworking these guns will give you +10 to the masterwork stat and +3 to every additional stat except Impact. This makes these weapons insanely powerful, as they will have some of the best stats of any gun in the entire game. Additionally, Adept weapons can use Adept mods such as the Adept Big Ones Spec which gives you 7.7% extra damage to bosses, vehicles, and powerful combatants. These are exclusive mods that can only be earned by either going Flawless in Trials of Osiris or completing Grandmaster Nightfalls.

As for the weapons, they are on a weekly rotation meaning you can only grind for one of the three Nightfall weapons each week. The order they appear never changes, so you can track which gun is coming up based on what the Nightfall is that week. Both Adept and base versions of these guns will be available at the same time. Only the difficulty of the Nightfall determines if you get an Adept variant.

Here is the current order for Adept weapon appearances:

  • 3/16 – The Swarm (Adept)
  • 3/ 23 – Shadow Price (Adept)
  • 3/30 – The Palindrome (Adept)

This order will continue to loop throughout Season of the Chosen, so if you miss a week don’t stress over it. Some times it’s better to wait until an easier Nightfall is tied to a specific Adept weapon.