Destiny 2 A New Paradox Guide – How to Get Perfect Paradox

During your initial escapades during the Season of Dawn, Osiris will call you back to Mercury. The phased object you found during your first Sundial run actually ends up being Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox. Finish the A New Paradox quest and you’ll get both the new Season of Dawn version of the weapon. Our Destiny 2 A New Paradox quest will help you navigate this quest as quickly as possible so you can get your hands on that new shotgun.

Step 1: Visit Osiris at the Sundial Spire – Phased Through Time

The first step is picking up the quest itself. Shortly after your initial Sundial run, Osiris will have some other quests to offer you. One of them is Phased Through Time. Grab it!

Osiris has been studying the phased object you retrieved from the Sundial. He would like to discuss its origins with you. Visit Osiris at the Sundial Spire.

“Nothing, aside from us and my echoes, is supposed to come out of the Sundial. I worry this is a malfunction that will have cascading consequences.” —Osiris

Step 2: Defeat Bosses – Field Research

According to the data, this step should be relatively easy. Just defeat three bosses anywhere in the solar system.

In order for Osiris to stabilize the phased object, he needs you to collect energy patterns by defeating enemies. Defeat bosses anywhere in the system.

“There must be some reason you were able to take this object from the Sundial. Some reason it came to you, at this particular time, in this particular place. I… just don’t understand why. Not yet.” —Osiris

Step 3: Return to Osiris – A Timely Discovery

Return to Osiris and he’ll discover Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox, a common version of the shotgun that lacks the perks and power of the legendary version.

The energy patterns you collected have allowed Osiris to stabilize the phased object. Perhaps the stabilization will uncover exactly what the object is. Return to Osiris at the Sundial Spire to resolve his research.

“The results of my research are… interesting. Meet me on Mercury, and you can see for yourself.” —Osiris

Step 4: Defeat Enemies with Shotguns and Melee – Vex Data Collection

Thankfully you don’t need to use said common shotgun to do this next quest step. Just defeat 100 enemies with shotguns and 25 enemies with melee attacks.

Osiris needs more data to anchor the phased Shotgun in the present timeline. He’s counting on you to gather it. Defeat enemies with Shotguns and melee abilities anywhere in the system.

“The Vex are useful test subjects, and it’s only right that we use them as such. They have done the same to us. Many, many times.” —Osiris

Step 5: Complete the Pyramidion strike, Crucible matches, strikes, Gambit matches – Finishing Touches

Obviously you only need to complete the Pyramidion strike once. You also need to complete five crucible matches, strikes, or Gambit matches. They don’t need to be the same game mode. Feel free to mix and match.

To fully rebuild and identify the phased Shotgun, Osiris needs components that will return it to its original state. He believes you can find those components throughout the system. Complete the Pyramidion strike, and collect weapon enhancers by completing Crucible matches, strikes, and Gambit matches.

“The restoration is nearly complete. This Light signature is the key to understanding what this weapon is. I’m almost there, Guardian. I just need more data.” —Osiris

Step 6: Return to Osiris – A New Paradox

That’s it! Head back to Osiris and claim your brand new Perfect Paradox. The weapon has been brought forward and now has random rolls!

Osiris has completed the restoration of the phased Shotgun. He requests your presence in the Sundial immediately. Return to Osiris at the Sundial Spire.

“Sometimes my research brings more questions than answers.” —Osiris

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