Destiny 2 A False Refraction Quest Guide – Bastion Exotic Quest Steps

The first Kinetic Fusion Rifle comes to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s Bastion is the first of its kind: a Kinetic Exotic Fusion Rifle. To get it, however, you’re going to need to complete an exotic quest. And unlike the one for Devil’s Ruin, this quest has a handful of steps, some of which will take you a decent chunk of time. So let’s dig into the Destiny 2 A False Refraction quest!

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Destiny 2 Bastion Stats

While Bastion may not be in the Collections tab yet, it has been datamined.

  • Type: Kinetic Fusion Rifle
  • Saint’s Fists: Charge to fire 3 spreads of Kinetic slugs.
  • Breakthrough: A portion of this weapon’s damage bypasses elemental shields.
  • Charge Time: 740
  • Magazine Size: 5
  • Catalyst: 400 enemies defeated

A False Reflection Quest Steps – Bastion

Anxious to get your hands on Bastion? Keep in mind that the quest doesn’t launch until January 28.

Step 1: A False Refraction – Speak to Saint-14

Sounds like Saint-14 has uncovered something worth investigating. To kick off this quest, visit him in the Tower.

Talk to Saint-14.

“I trust you, friend. You will get to the bottom of this.” —Saint-14

Step 2: Spoken Word – Collect Fallen Intel

At some point by now, we have apparently encountered a chronometric core from the Corridors of Time. Perhaps an upcoming weekly mission? Either way, the Fallen know something about all of this. Defeat Fallen Captains and Servitors anywhere in the Tangled Shore to get Fallen intel. You’ll need a total of five.

The Light frequency you’re chasing aligns with those of not only the Sundial, but also the chronometric core you recovered from the Corridors of Time.

Hunt down Fallen Captains and Servitors anywhere in the Tangled Shore to collect intel to help decipher their comms chatter and find out what they know about this anomaly.

“The Fallen still speak my name?” —Saint-14

Step 3: Lost Connection – Speak with Spider

Now we know what the Fallen are saying, but we don’t recognize one of them. Maybe Spider can help?

The Fallen intel you’ve collected has allowed you to analyze the Fallen’s comms chatter. Two names are repeating: One is Saint-14’s, but the other isn’t one you’ve heard before. Perhaps Spider would be able to shed some light on this information.

“Gossip travels fast on the Shore.” —The Spider

Step 4: Backroom Brawl – Clear the Tangled Shore’s Empty Tank Lost Sector

Remember that one Lost Sector that plays music? Yeah, head there and defeat the boss.

Follow Spider’s charitable lead to the Lost Sector Empty Tank in Thieves’ Landing. Your target has been seen placing Ether bets in back rooms.

“Give the door man my regards.” —The Spider

Step 5: Talk to Spider – Return to Spider

The Lost Sector boss, Aksiniks, had a note written in Eliksni. Ghost can read it, but Spider can give us some context.

Aksiniks carried a note written in Eliksni script. Ghost has deciphered the text, but you’re missing context to find your next move. Perhaps Spider could help.

“House drama, revenge, atonement? Oh, how delectable.” —The Spider

Step 6: A Strong Arm – Defeat Challenging Enemies, Complete Spider Bounties, Public Events

All right, here’s the part that will take some real time. Spider will help, but before he does you need to do him a favor.

  • Defeat 30 Challenging enemies.
  • Complete 10 Spider bounties.
  • Complete 8 Public events on the Tangled Shore.

Spider wants you to get your hands dirty. Defeat challenging enemies and complete public events on the Tangled Shore to encourage information leaks. Spider will be in touch.

“I point, you shoot. I like this agreement.” —The Spider

Step 7: Rude Awakening – Find Grave in Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector

The information leads to a grave in Trapper’s Cave. The Lost Sector is in the Tangled Shore to the right and up a gravity lift.

Spider’s associates have found several talkative Fallen willing to sell information for safety. Travel to the Lost Sector Trapper’s Cave in Four-Horn Gulch.

“Apply some pressure, and everything tends to spill out.” —The Spider

Step 8: Altered Chief – Complete The Hallowed Lair, Memento Strike

Turns out the Fallen have Bastion, an old weapon belonging to Saint-14. Unfortunately the dead Fallen which had the weapon has been revived as a Scorn Chieftain. Complete The Hallowed Lair, Memento strike and defeat the Reysk, the Waning Light.

Your investigations have aligned. An old weapon belonging to Saint-14 was recovered by a Fallen long ago. That Fallen, buried in the Tangled Shore, has been twisted into a Scorn Chieftain. Saint’s Light signal must be coming from his old weapon. Enter strike “The Hollowed Lair, Memento” and track down the new Scorn Chieftain. Relieve them of their stolen armament of Light.

“Dark Ether, eh? Only one place that leads. Happy hunting, friend.” —The Spider

Step 9: Talk to Saint-14 – Return to Saint-14

We believe this is where the quest ends and Saint-14 gives you Bastion to use. That is despite the description which doesn’t sound like much of a conclusion. Stay tuned!

Talk to Saint-14.

“Something is troubling me, Guardian.” — Saint-14

Again, we don’t know exactly how the quest will end. Check back on January 28 when the quest has been released. We’ll be getting through the content as fast as possible and updating this guide when we can.


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