The Best Titan Build for Melting Bosses in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

Ah, Titans. Perhaps no other class in Destiny 2 is as long-suffering or as self-deprecating as these mountains of muscle. Saddled with arguably the worst class ability in the game as well as some not-so-great Exotics, Titans have often gotten the short end of the proverbial stick. Thankfully, they’ve received some buffs over the last couple of seasons — in particular, their Ward of Dawn bubble super now grants a better damage bonus than Warlocks’ Well of Radiance. And right now, Titans have access to a boss DPS build that no other class can truly pull off. If you’re looking to melt Primevals in Gambit or take down the Sanctified Mind in record time, this is the build for you.

The Build

The core of this build is two Exotics: the Actium War Rig chest piece and Xenophage, the LMG from Shadowkeep. While most LMGs aren’t great for boss damage, Xenophage is different — its slow-firing explosive shots do plenty of damage. That said, most of the time Xenophage isn’t worth using for DPS because of its long reload animation. But that’s where Actium War Rig comes in. This Titan Exotic constantly reloads any equipped auto rifle or LMG, like, say, Xenophage. You’ll also want to equip the Sentinel Code of the Protector to get the Ward of Dawn super.

Appropriately enough for the Titan’s direct approach, the strategy here is dead simple: pop your bubble, then start blasting and don’t stop. Thanks to Actium War Rig, you can keep going until you run out of ammo — and with a couple of Machine Gun Reserves mods, that won’t be for a while. Xenophage can’t score critical hits, but with the constant damage you’ll be dealing out, that isn’t even a problem.

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Loadout Options

Though the core aim of this build is boss melting, the Actium/Xenophage combo works great for many other situations too — just add an auto rifle for add clearing and you’ll be set for most activities. Some solid options are Steelfeather RepeaterArc LogicUriel’s Gift, and, if you want to throw Warmind Cells into the mix, Seventh Seraph Carbine. Throw an Overload mod on it to give you coverage for Champions, then pick whatever Special weapon you prefer. Alternately, you might find it’s worth running another Primary weapon to cover Unstoppable or Barrier Champions too.

For maximum damage, have a fireteam member run Divinity. Not only will it boost your boss damage, but it’s a much easier way of disrupting irritating Overload Champions than trying to catch them with your auto rifle.


Technically, Izanagi’s Burden paired with Wendigo is still the optimal DPS loadout this season. But after the nerf to Izanagi’s Honed Edge ability, this setup requires precise timing to achieve its full potential. Conversely, this build is one of the easiest, most consistent boss DPS sources in Destiny 2 right now. It’s also just a lot of fun.


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