Those New Destiny 2 Eververse Class Items Interact With Exotics

When Season of the Haunted dropped on Tuesday, some Destiny 2 players were confused by the addition of a single class item in the Eververse store. Universal Ornaments are usually sold in full sets, but these are class item ornaments for the rather steep price of 600 Silver. With no explanation, I brushed them off as a weird experiment. But these ornaments are more than they seem, and the clue, it turns out, is in their names.

See, each of the ornaments is named after a corresponding Exotic armor piece. The Hunter Cloak of Bakris is named for the Mask of Bakris, the Titan Mark of the Falling Star for the Cuirass of the Falling Star, and the Warlock Bond of Battle Harmony for the Mantle of Battle Harmony. You can equip each of these ornaments without their paired Exotic, but when you’re wearing both, the class items get a neat little extra aesthetic element to them.

Here’s the Cloak of Bakris with the Mask equipped, which gives it some little jets at the top:

Cloak of Bakris

Here’s the Mark of the Falling Star with the Cuirass of the Falling Star equipped, which gives it a glow along its edges:

Mark of the Falling Star

Lastly, here’s the Bond of Battle Harmony with the Mantle of Battle Harmony on, giving it this little energy pulse like the armor piece itself:

Bond of Battle Harmony

Unfortunately, these ornaments don’t play nice with the Exotic ornaments for their allied armor pieces. When I equip the Exotic Ornament for the Mantle of Battle Harmony, for instance, the pulses of light on the Bond stop activating, which is kind of a bummer:

Are these Class Item ornaments worth it? It’s hard to say yes at 600 Silver, which is nearly half the price of the Seasonal Eververse ornament sets — especially if you’re a Warlock, considering how minor the effect is. At least the Titan and Hunter items look pretty cool on their own, but us Warlock mains are stuck forever in the Robe Zone, where the only piece of equipment that really makes a strong visual impact is our chest armor. Seriously, don’t get me started about that — you Titans and Hunters don’t know how good you’ve got it with your capes and butt towels and customizable shoulders.

Anyway, even if these items aren’t the most exciting, they’re still a neat idea — maybe we’ll see more Universal Ornaments that have fun interactions with Exotic armor in the future.

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