The Legend of Acrius Sweep is Coming to Destiny 2

A little-used Exotic weapon is about to become a god-tier meta king.

The Legend of Acrius is maybe one of the least-used Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. It’s a short-ranged Power shotgun that dates back to the earliest days of the game, and while it can be fun to blast groups of enemies with it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single player running the weapon, even as a joke. That’s all going to change next season, though, as Legend of Acrius is getting a buff that are undoubtedly going to lead to it completely sweeping the meta.

Next season, Legend of Acrius is getting a change to its Catalyst. Currently, the Acrius Catalyst increases ammo reserves and increases the weapon’s reload speed. In season 18, the Catalyst will also provide the Trench Barrel perk. That perk, if you’re not familiar, grants increased damage, handling, and reload speed on a successful melee hit for a short duration or until three shots are fired.

You might be saying, ok, that’s nice and all, but how is it going to catapult Acrius to the top of the meta? Well, Legend of Acrius is also an Arc weapon, which means it’ll likely have some kind of synergy with Arc 3.0. And if I’m right about Arc 3.0 being about getting up in enemy faces, then Trench Barrel is going to work wonders. Oh, and don’t forget about the Heavy Handed mod, which can give you regenerating shotgun reserves while surrounded by combatants.

If you’ve been sitting on your Legend of Acrius Catalyst, knock that thing out now so you’re not left behind when Acrius sweeps the meta in a couple of weeks. I recommend heading to the beginning of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon to farm your kills out there, but you may have another preferred farming spot. Regardless, it is imperative that you complete that Legend of Acrius quest before next season, so that you’re ready to rock Destiny 2‘s new god-tier Exotic Power weapon. Mark my words, the Acrius sweep is going to make Anarchy, Whisper of the Worm, and even Gjallarhorn in their heydays look like garbage. Like Acrius took the sun, the Exotic shotgun named after him is going to take Destiny 2‘s meta.