The Destiny 2 Quadracycle Sparrow is a Neat Mario Kart Homage

Watch out for blue (Ghost) shells.

With the Solstice event in Destiny 2 comes a whole mess of new cosmetic items available via the Eververse. As is customary, there’s a few new ships and Sparrows available for purchase, and fans of Mario Kart might want to pick one of them up. It’s called the Quadracycle, and it has a few features that make it stand out from the other Sparrows in Destiny 2.

Mini-Sparrows are nothing new in Destiny 2 — we’ve previously had the Dawning Mirthmobile and the Solstice Micro Mini. But the Quadracycle is a little bit different. To begin with, its shape is clearly influenced by go-karts and especially those found in the Mario Kart series. But the similarities to Nintendo’s racing franchise go beyond surface appearances.

While turning, the Quadracycle lets off blue sparks — just like the karts in Mario Kart do when drifting around a turn. Sadly, those sparks don’t seem to give you a boost in Destiny 2, but it’s still a nice touch. If that weren’t obvious enough, the Quadracycle Sparrow also drops red, green, and blue Ghost shells while boosting. Get it? Shells? Eh? At least this Sparrow won’t hit you with a blue one when you’re in the lead during the mine defusal segment of Grasp of Avarice.

Maybe this is Bungie’s way of signalling that Sparrow League Racing is coming back sometime soon? More likely, it’s just a fun nod to a classic game series. So if you’re a Mario Kart fan, then you might want to pick the Quadracycle Sparrow up. It was previously datamined to be sold for Bright Dust the week of August 9, but since Solstice ends that week, it may not actually be sold for Bright Dust at all. Keep an eye out and maybe it’ll show up for 2500 before Solstice ends. Otherwise, you can purchase it for 800 Silver anytime before the end of the event.