Telesto is Bugged Again in Destiny 2, This Time It’s Firing Weird Symbols into the Air

When it comes to breaking Destiny 2, the exotic fusion rifle Telesto is the expert. This exotic weapon has become famous in the community for its ability to constantly bug out encounters or just cause wacky glitches. However, something strange is happening with Telesto following the weekly reset. Instead of bugging out encounters, the gun is now sparking and smoking, which are completely new animations for this rifle. Additionally, this fusion rifle is now firing slow-moving projectiles that arc into the air and fan out in random patterns.

Destiny 2 Telesto

Obviously, this isn’t normal, even for a gun that causes several glitches a year. When testing the weapon out, this new firing pattern is the default and the projectiles will always arc up toward the sky. They move extremely slowly but still cause damage to any target they hit. After a few seconds, all the projectiles explode and the next volley will have a different pattern. There appear to be a few different symbols such as the Y shape shown in the photo above and the 3 symbols in the photo below. Players can also swap to the normal firing mode by holding down the reload button, which is uniquely reserved for weapons with alternate abilities.

Destiny 2 Telesto

So what is this? Well, some believe that these symbols represent constellations. The star-like design of each rounds and the way each of the bolts fan out certainly appear to be various parts of constellations. Forbe’s writer (and local Blue engram hate) Paul Tassi believes this could be the case. That being said, a lot of the symbols Telesto is firing don’t match up 1-for-1 with notable constellations which means these either need to be pieced together, flipped, or mean something entirely. None of the symbols match any Hive runes, which was my first thought when seeing this gun in action.

Others suspect this is the start of the much-speculated community event which many thought would begin today. If this is true, the Telesto event may have more in common with the Corridors of Time from Season of the Dawn. For the unfamiliar, this was a massive in-game and out-of-game event that had players constructing a maze out of elaborate symbols and patterns. Since then, we haven’t had such a cryptic event that required a massive amount of Guardian power to solve.

My gut tells me there is more to this than just Telesto firing weird symbols into the air. Bungie rarely does something this deliberate without a purpose, so I imagine something else is hidden in the game. Knowing the Destiny 2 community, I give it till the end of tomorrow until we have a clearer picture of what’s happening.