Praise the Traveler, Loadouts Are Coming to Destiny 2

You can finally save loadouts in Destiny 2

You read that right, savable loadouts are finally coming to Destiny 2. Announced during the Lightfall expansion live stream, this highly requested feature will be coming when the next expansion drops in 2023.

Players will also be getting a mod manager which allows them to set up their entire build including mods, weapons, armor, subclass, and visual design. There are a total of five savable loadout slots per character, which means you won’t need to open up DIM to move around all your items. Given that so many different activities require specific mods or stat distributions, being able to swap your entire loadout is a welcome addition.

Along with loadouts, we also learned that Lightfall will be taking place in a large city on the planet Neptune. We will be fighting the Darkness-allied Cabal that are loyal to Calus and the Witness. However, these aren’t the Cabal we are familiar with as they are now utilizing pyramid technology such as a suppression field that can shut down our abilities. Players will also need to contend with a new Darkness enemy called the Tormentor which has been described as a mini-boss and incredibly dangerous.

We also learned about Strand, which is the second Darkness subclass. Revolving around manipulating literal life strands, each class will use these wires in unique ways. For example, Warlocks will hurl telekinetic energy at enemies while hunters form a literal whip they can lash out at foes around them. Perhaps the most exciting and intriguing addition is every class will have a grapplehook. Tied to this subclass, this is a new traversal ability that allows players to freely swing through the air, make tight turns around corners, or quickly dodge incoming attacks.

Lightfall is set to release on February 28th, 2023.