Our Dream for Season of the Deep in Destiny 2

Season of Defiance is… not going great in Destiny 2. But hey, there’s Season of the Deep to look ahead to! Players have been speculating for a while now that the season will see the return of the location Titan. This moon has been vaulted ever since the release of Beyond Light, and features industrial structures and interior arcologies built over a roiling sea. It’s a very cool location, and we can’t wait to see it back. With that in mind, here’s our dream vision of Season of the Deep in Destiny 2.

Titan returns. Maybe the Season of Defiance ends with us wresting control of the moon away from the Witness, who having disappeared has lost some control over our solar system. We find that the moon has radically changed. The Hive have completely taken over the surface, their influence pushing back the few remaining Fallen. Investigating deeper, we find that there’s something different about some of the Hive. They’re using unusual iconography, performing strange rituals.

We fight deeper into the depths of Titan’s structures, expecting to confront some previously unknown Hive warlord. Instead, we encounter our old Titan friend Sloane, who has been fighting the Hive ever since Titan disappeared. She’s gotten so good at it, in fact, and has killed so many of them, that a splinter faction — cut off from their gods when Titan got got — has begun worshipping her to gain power.

There’s precedent for the idea that the Hive would worship anyone who would conquer them. Back when Guardians defeated Oryx in Destiny, it was a big deal that they didn’t then assume the throne. In fact, that refusal to claim power is what threw the Hive on the Moon into chaos in Shadowkeep and has animated much of their schemes since. Plus, making Sloane into a Doomslayer-type character who is feared and revered by the demons she’s been battling for years would be an easy way to add interest to an otherwise bland character.

And so, the help of Eris and Sloane, we begin to delve into Hive magic. We use these powers on a series of missions to push back the Witness’s influence over the other planets in the solar system. Maybe we get a Hive-focused Dungeon, since we haven’t had one of those since Shadowkeep at this point. That dungeon could pick up the thread from Witch Queen and see us using Hive magic to hunt down Savathun’s escaped Ghost. Maybe we even get some allied Hive, which could create some interesting narrative tension.

What do you think? What are your dreams for Season of the Deep in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below.