Netflix Reportedly Developing a Live-Action Pokemon Series

Fingers crossed for a Ryme City setting.

While the prospect of a sequel to the Detective Pikachu movie seems less and less likely, it sounds like a different live-action Pokemon project is in the works: a Netflix series.

Variety reports that it’s learned a series set in the Pokemon universe is in the works over at the streaming service, with Lucifer co-showrunner and executive producer Joe Henderson set to act as a writer and executive producer. The outlet doesn’t have any specifics on what the show will focus on but does compare it to Detective Pikachu, which came to theaters in 2019. The film adapted the 3DS game of the same name and featured various CGI Pokemon, including the titular sleuth Pikachu alongside actor Justice Smith. Ryan Reynolds voiced Pikachu, but unless this show takes place in Ryme City, it’s unlikely either actor will be involved with the show.

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Speaking personally, I’d love for whatever show Netflix has cooking to take place in Ryme City, as I’ve always found its portrayal of the Pokemon universe more interesting than the usual competitive sport the series primarily focuses on. Taking place in a city where that side of Pokemon is outlawed would allow the show to explore different sides of the world that isn’t more Pokemon League old hat.

Netflix diving into a Pokemon show makes sense, given the service has exclusive rights to the latest season of the anime and the English dub of the Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution film. The company has also just been really into video game adaptations as of late, including a Resident Evil show, a Sonic animated series, and an Assassin’s Creed show.