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Learn How Not to Play Destiny 2 From Skeletor in These Videos

Destiny 2 memes and jokes are in no short supply online. But this weekend, we stumbled onto one YouTube account that particularly tickled us in its skewering of the game’s players and pitfalls. It’s run by a guy named Tom Christie, and while it features a variety of content, one format stuck out to us: a Goofus and Gallant-esque look at Destiny 2 featuring He-Man and Skeletor.

The premise is simple: Skeletor makes boorish, thoughtless, and generally absurd decisions while playing Destiny 2, and He-Man tries — and inevitably fails — to assist him. Take the video “Skeletor Rushes Point B,” in which the bony villain, not content with holding two points in Control, decides to throw himself at the singular enemy point despite He-Man’s patient advice against doing so, and immediately meets a grisly end.

Or consider “Skeletor Hates the LFG,” in which the titular villain chews out his Raid group in a parody of the overly aggressive stances frequently taken by those trying to run these activities with strangers. “Why the hell did any of you join this LFG?” Skeletor asks, “I clearly put ‘know what to do.'” When he actually tries to explain the Raid’s mechanics, his fireteam inevitably replies with “I’ll do add clear.”

But our personal favorite has to be “Skeletor Hates Ward of Dawn,” in which he complains about the Titan super’s ability to lock down a point in Control, activates his own super, rushes inside, and promptly gets killed. He-Man tried to warn him!

For some reason, putting common Destiny 2 player complaints and frustrations into the mouth of a cartoonish supervillain like Skeletor makes them incredibly amusing. Maybe it’s that doing so highlights the absurdity of our issues with what is, at the end of the day, a game we play for fun. Maybe it’s just that Skeletor has a funny voice. Regardless, Tom Christie’s videos are a treat for Destiny 2 players, and you should go check them all out.

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