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Guardian Games Will Help You Level Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2

UPDATE: Bungie has said on Twitter that the note in their blog post about depositing Medallions granting crafted weapon progress was incorrect. Depositing Medallions will not grant weapon crafting progress, but there will be a static buff in event for the duration of the Guardian Games.

The Guardian Games are returning to Destiny 2 next week, with a new Crucible playlist where teams of Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks will battle it out for class supremacy. There’s a new weapon coming in the form of the scout rifle Taraxippos, and of course a wealth of new cosmetic items. But there’s one interesting detail in Bungie’s post explaining how the Guardian Games will work this year that you might have missed.

In a section noting that The Title SMG will be returning with new perks like Repulsor Brace, the Bungie post on the 2023 Guardian Games says “maybe have your crafted weapons on when you are about to deposit Medallions. [Wink, wink.]” Thus, it sounds like depositing Medallions is going to grant your crafted weapons progress.

That’s great news — it’s a subtle bonus, but these kinds of changes make events like the Guardian Games feel more special. And given that the Guardian Games has historically been the least well-received of the four seasonal events, it’s a welcome addition. Just remember to equip the crafted weapons you want to level up when you dunk your Medallions!

We’re not sure just how much progress depositing Guardian Games medallions is going to grant towards crafted weapons in Destiny 2. Presumably, you’ll get more progress from depositing more valuable medals. It’s nice that Bungie is adding more ways to level up crafted weapons in Destiny 2, since the process can be quite slow. Who knows, maybe this change to the Guardian Games will spill over into future seasonal events.

Are you excited about the Guardian Games? Are you finally going to get your Reveler title this season? Let us know in the comments below, and keep an eye out for more coverage of the Guardian Games here when the event goes live.

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