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Final Fantasy XIV June 5 Maintenance Schedule

Most players will be unaffected.

On June 5, Final Fantasy XIV servers will experience another disruption following the May patch that introduced a few new bugs into the game that still haven’t been fixed yet. Server maintenance is a necessary evil for the MMO, but luckily this time it won’t last too long.

Server maintenance on June 5 will affect all Worlds and Data Centers, meaning that every region will see the game go down for a time. The blackout serves to implement hotfixes to the game, which will likely include a known bug where doing certain general actions such as using desynthesize and repair during a battle will prevent knock back effects used by enemies. There’s also another issue that will hopefully get fixed which relates to the knockback mechanic in the newest Trial and its Extreme, The Voidcast Dais.

The game will go down at 11pm PDT and is expected to return four hours later. Here is the maintenance schedule broken down by region:

United States:

  • Pacific Time (PDT): 11pm to 3am
  • Central Time (CDT): 1am to 5am
  • Eastern Time (EDT): 2am to 6am


  • Central European Summer Time (CEST): 8am to 12pm


  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 3pm to 7pm

Australia/New Zealand:

  • Australian Eastern Time (AET): 4pm to 8pm

Aside from any further bugs that are found in the game, this should be the last hotfix players will have to deal with until Patch 6.45 releases. There is currently no date for that patch, so Final Fantasy XIV enjoyers will likely have a long time of uninterrupted service until new content comes to the game.



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