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FFXIV Patch 6.15 Server Maintenance, Timer, and Schedule [UPDATED]

We know when the next Final Fantasy XIV patch is coming, and it’s soon.

UPDATE (6/7/2022): Final Fantasy XIV has completed its scheduled maintenance period and came back online at 3:00 a.m. PT on June 7 with the release of Patch 6.15. Please refer to our FFXIV 6.15 patch notes summary and our handful of guides on the new content, including how to unlock the Arkasodara Tribal Quests, Hildibrand quests, Ameliance Custom Deliveries, and Omega: Beyond the Rift quest.

UPDATE (6/3/2022): In a new blog post on The Lodestone, the FFXIV Patch 6.15 maintenance schedule has been confirmed. The game will be offline starting June 6 at 11:00 p.m. PT and is set to go back online with the new patch on June 7 at 3:00 a.m. PT. Be sure to check out our coverage of all the new content coming to FFXIV via Patch 6.15. The original story, published on 5/27/2022 follows.

Earlier today, Final Fantasy XIV creative director and producer Naoki Yoshida published a post on the Lodestone explaining the reasons behind recent PVP changes. Ahead of those details however, Yoshida revealed that FFXIV Patch 6.15 will be launching on Tuesday, June 7. This launch will follow a scheduled maintenance period that will likely begin during the evening on June 6, stretching into the morning on June 7.

Patch 6.15 will probably have a Live Letter stream to dive into its details on June 3, if previous patterns are anything to go by. The Live Letters tend to come just before the patch release, with the Live Letter for Patch 6.1 happening on April 1 and the patch itself dropping on April 12.

We already have a basic overview of what Patch 6.15 will include. First up, we’ll be getting the Endwalker Tribal Quests, with our Warriors of Light helping out the Arkasodara of Thavnair for new mounts, minions, and other prizes. We’ll also be getting a brand-new set of Custom Deliveries as Disciples of the Land and Hand help out the Leveilleur twins’ mother, Ameliance. Finally, Hildibrand Manderville quests will return with a new series of misadventures and misunderstandings.

After this upcoming update, we’ll anticipate FFXIV Patch 6.18 which will see the introduction of Data Center Travel. Another future patch will begin a new storyline, called Omega: Beyond the Rift, for those who have finished Endwalker MSQ and the Omega raid series from Stormblood.

We’ll keep you apprised of all the changes right here at The Linkshell. In the meantime, you read up on the new Make It Rain event at the Gold Saucer or check out our feature story about a group of players building the Eorzean Aquarium in-game.

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