FFXIV Pays Tribute to Belts, Changes Shown in Endwalker Patch 6.0 Notes

Buckle down, the preliminary details for Patch 6.0 have been published. Thank you for your service, belts. o7

We knew this day would come. Glamour and gear has come a long way in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. So much so that clothing designers and armorers across The Source and The First have overcome the need for belts in their world thanks to advancements in pants tailoring. I’m not making this up, it’s now in-lore.

With the removal of belts from equippable gear, they will become an obsolete item relegated to the Calamity Salvager. You probably won’t miss them much since they were never reflected on your character as glam, but also because stats and average item levels are being adjusted accordingly to account for the removal of the “Waist” category in your gear set. They will technically still be in the game, but they’ll serve no purpose. As such, all belts are getting a new and proper item description (see below).

ffxiv belt update

The preliminary patch notes summary for Endwalker and the 6.0 update have been published on the official FFXIV site. It outlines every little detail, some of which have already been covered in the lead-up to the new expansion — this includes a dedicated section to what exactly is happening with belts. The decision to remove belts from gear was first announced during FFXIV Fan Fest earlier this year, and the ways in which it’ll affect the game were explained in subsequent Live Letters, but the patch notes leave no stone unturned.

Everything from the market boards, shop vendors, quest rewards, crafting recipes, dungeon/raid loot, gear coffers — it’s all gone. As for materia, you can retrieve your belts from the Calamity Salvage under the option “Retrieve Obsolete Belts” and remove and melded materia, but you won’t be able to extract materia. With regards to Eureka, Speed Belts have also been removed but the effect of increased movement speed will be relegated to Blitzrings, which you can get from the Calamity Salvager.

After you’re done thanking belts for their service, be sure to peep our extensive coverage of FFXIV Endwalker — from our hands-on preview, we already have a Reaper Job overview and Sage Job overview, both of which will give you a headstart on these new Jobs. If you wanna catch up on the major changes happening to all Jobs, check out or breakdown of Melee DPS, Magic and Ranged DPS, Healers, and Tanks in Patch 6.0.