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Yes, That's a FFXIV Reference in The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack

Instead of a cleverly named FATE, this FFXIV reference is tucked away in the new Sims 4 update.

No one is safe from the Final Fantasy XIV brainwyrms, and The Sims 4 Werewolves game pack is proof enough as it contains an FFXIV reference or two of its own. In the latest update from developer Maxis, new items in The Sims 4 should trigger an aha! moment for FFXIV players caught up to Shadowbringers and Endwalker.

With that established, go ahead and stop here if you aren’t interested in a few FFXIV MSQ-related spoilers for versions 5.0 and 6.0.

According to The Sims 4 producer Molly “SimGuruNova,” there are at least two items in the Werewolves game pack with a wink and a nudge ode to the MMO. Perhaps the more obvious of the two, and the meme to go mainstream, is The Sims 4‘s Racked Teak-a Greatshelves item. That’s a little FFXIV reference to The Rak’tika Greatwood, home to certified banger Civilizations from composer Masayoshi Soken. You know the song, the one that made “La-HEE” famous.

“Perfect for the Warriors of Write among us, with a penchant for collecting one too many written works and curious from their adventures,” reads The Racked Teak-a Greatshelves Sims 4 description. “These shelves come in a variety of colors for any preferred glamour – one brings shadow, one brings light, some are even two-toned! Having one of these in your house will have you RIDING HOOOOOME as soon as possible just to see it again.”

Molly goes on to mention a second item in the Werewolves game pack, the Seventh Confectioner’s Calamity Firewood Rack. It’s a little tribute to rekindle your post-Endwalker blues, just the type of thing we need to break into a fit of tears mid-Sims 4 building. It’s hard to worry about my failing career as a rockstar, the upcoming Alps vacation, wedding, and alien baby with a snippet of Venat’s Endwalker speech right there. The firewood decoration is one big FFXIV reference to the events that ushered in the end, a tongue-in-cheek retelling of the Convocation of Fourteen’s story, Hydaelyn, the Final Days, and the sundering.

The FFXIV Sims reference in The Sims 4 Werewolves pays tribute to The Rak'tika Greatwood and its banger theme.
Soken delivering the most iconic musical performance of the century and worth many, many more game references.

These bits in the Sims 4 capture the same charm I adore in FFXIV‘s localization, full of little tidbits about other games in the series, pop culture, and other goodies that keep things light-hearted between its big emotional beats. I haven’t spotted anything else myself, but if Maxis is taking requests, y’all should add a few tributes to my favorite FFXIV boyfriend, Estinien Varlineau. I’ll take anything — perhaps a dried squid snack with his face on it, or even like… a line of soaps.

Now the ball is in FFXIV‘s court to make a Sims 4 reference, though I reckon there may be one already tucked away somewhere. For now, I figure the FFXIV housing situation is about as Sims-esque as we get, though it’s far easier to claim a plot of land for my home in the Maxis game. Maybe we’ll get a little something when Patch 6.2 drops later this year, the Island Sanctuary already sounds like the perfect opportunity for a tribute to a simulation game.

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