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New FFXIV Patch 6.5 Teaser Site Details Everything to Expect From the Update

Find out exactly what's coming in 6.5.

Final. Fantasy XIV fans were treated to a sneak-peak at the eagerly awaited 6.5 patch today as Square Enix released their new teaser site. First unveiled on the morning of Sept. 7, the site confirmed everything fans can expect from this new update. 

The latest key art may have confirmed a more significant role for new fan-favorite character Zero, who took center stage in the patch art. Zero has been a key protagonist in recent patches, and we expect them to play a big role in this, the final story patch ahead of Dawntrail

Beyond that, there seems to be more Hildibrand quests, a new Custom Delivery NPC, additional Duty support, and more content that fans will hear about during the next Live Letter.

A full list of content is provided below:

  • Main Scenario Quests - Growing Light
  • New Alliance Raid Dungeon - Myths of the Realm, Part 3: Thaleia
  • New Dungeon - The Lunar Subterrane
  • New Trial - The Abyssal Fracture
  • New Variant Dungeon - Aloalo Island (Patch 6.51)
  • New Criterion Dungeon - Another Aloalo Island/Another Aloalo Island (Savage) (Patch 6.51)
  • New Unreal Trial - The Singularity Reactor (Unreal)
  • Additional Duty Support
  • Tataru's Grand Endeavor (Patch 6.55)
  • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (Patch 6.55)
  • Weapon Enhancement Quests - Manderville Weapons (Patch 6.55)
  • Tool Enhancement Quests - Splendorous Tools (Patch 6.51)
  • Endwalker Tribal Alliance Quests (Patch 6.55)
  • New Custom Deliveries - Margrat
  • FFXIV & Fall Guys Collaboration (Patch 6.5x)
  • Xbox Version Open Beta Testing
  • Expanded Free Trial/Starter Edition
  • Island Sanctuary Updates
  • Crystalline Conflict - New Arena (Patch 6.51)
  • New PvP Gear
  • New Mounts, Minions, and Emotes
  • New Fashion Accessories

While some of this content has been given specific patch numbers, others are left with a 6.5X tag. This is presumably because of the 6.5 split. Part of the patch will be released in October 2023, and the rest in January 2024. 

As a result fans will likely have to wait a good amount of time for this content. We also have no confirmation which part of the patch each feature will be in. Although, we're confident the MSQ elements, dungeon, and Trial will be in the October release. 

For full details, check out the post on the Square Enix FFXIV page

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