FFXIV Online Store Will Let You Pet The New Megashiba Mount

Get into the finest street wear and walk your very big dog.

The quest to collect all of the mounts in Final Fantasy XIV is never-ending. Some are locked behind raids that require skillful completion, while others simply require you to engage with the game’s side content. If mounts are your thing, you have a long road ahead of you.

That said, you can simply buy certain mounts. That’s the case with the brand-new Megashiba, a mount that was just added to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. This fluffy monster of joy will set you back $24 and once you’ve purchased it, it’ll be account-wide.

The Megashiba mount comes with three different mount actions while you’re riding it. The Megashiba can bark, smile, and be sad when you do terrible, terrible things. The latter mount action is also the one that allows you to pet the mount. That’s certainly more than the Cruise Chaser can do, despite costing $6 more. (I love the Cruise Chaser.)

The Megashiba isn’t the only addition to the Online Store. If you’re going clubbing in Eorzea, Square Enix has the best clothes for the occasion. The Street Wear set comes with a snapback cap — worn backward, of course — a sleeveless jacket, a crop-top/jacket combo, high-top shoes, two types of pants, and a single fingerless glove and bracelet combo.

In the standard black color you’ll look like GQ Squall, but the whole set can also be dyed. It is, however, not account-wide. That means you’ll be paying $22 for a single set of b-boy clothing. At the end of the day, it’s your money.