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FFXIV Online Store Lets You Get Cozy With a Whole Fat Cat Outfit

A new outfit and emote come to the FFXIV Online Store.

It’s important to show the world who you really are. Final Fantasy XIV’s glamour system is already about sharing specific aspects of your character’s identity with the world of Eorzea. Some folks are steeped in the fantasy of it all, clad in mystical armor, while others are more flamboyant, fighting evil in swimsuits or frog masks. 

If you’re looking to augment your style, the FFXIV Online Store always offers new items, like the recently-released Street Attire. Today, the store has been updated with a new set of clothing for all you Fat Cat lovers out there. The all-new Fat Cat Attire includes the Fat Cat Hood, Fat Cat Loungewear, Fat Cat Halfslops, Fat Cat Shorts, and Fat Cat Slippers.

The Fat Cat Hood is the showcase piece for the whole set, a headpiece adorned with super-cute cat ears. The loungewear, whi8le is the hoodie part, is actually separate piece from the Hood. The Halfslops and Shorts are both leg pieces, meaning they can’t be worn together. The Halfslops are a set of long shorts with no socks, while the Shorts are briefs with a pair of knee-high striped socks. The entire set costs $22 USD on the store. 

The Fat Cat is a beloved set of mounts in FFXIV. The original mount is available through Waterside Exploration Ventures with your Retainer, or a random drop from the Materiel Container 3.0 you can buy with Grand Company Seals. There’s also the Fatter Cat mount, which is only available through the FFXIV Online Store and sports a cozy knitted saddle.

If folks decry your style choices, there’s also a new emote to express your disdain! The emote, Deride, will have your character making a face (shown above) at others as if to say, “You don’t pay my subscription!” The Deride emote will set you back $7.00 USD and will reward you with the Ballroom Etiquette – Derisive Displays item. Use the item to gain the emote!

Both sets of optional items should keep you entertained while Patch 6.2 continues. If you’re living the cozy life, you might want to check out our Island Sanctuary guides. If you’re into more hardcore pursuits, our Storm’s Crown EX guide and Abyssos Fifth Circle Savage (P5S) guide will give you the edge in those tought encounters. All that should keep you flush until Patch 6.25 drops sometime in October 2022.

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