North American Final Fantasy XIV Server Maintenance to Take Place Ahead of Patch 6.4

The maintenance has fans scratching their heads wondering why the long downtime needs to occur.

Final Fantasy XIV is just a few weeks away from Patch 6.4, and players are readying their Warriors of Light to prepare for the massive influx of new content, including new Main Scenario Quests, Trials, Dungeons, Savage Raids, and more. But now, those on the North American servers will be losing some valuable playtime since there is a scheduled maintenance set to take place on May 9.

The North American Data Centers will come down for maintenance beginning at 12am PDT and will remain offline until 10am PDT. This means that players on the North American Data Centers will not have access to the game at all during this time. This maintenance follows an upgrade to the server hardware that was completed during Patch 6.38. Although Square Enix didn’t go into detail on exactly why the downtime is required, it did mention that maintenance will be performed “on the infrastructure”.

Other servers, such as the Japan, Oceania, and European Data Centers will still be functional, meaning if players have characters on those Data Centers, they’ll still be able to access the game, they just won’t be able to log in on the Aether, Crystal, Primal, and Dynamis Data Centers. The downtime is also just a few days before the May 12 Live Letter from the Producers, which will detail more about Patch 6.4. That patch is likely to drop on May 23 according to fan speculation and prediction.

The server maintenance likely won’t affect many players. They’ve certainly dealt with far longer periods of maintenance, but for those who are rushing to get themselves prepared for 6.4, the 10-hour downtime might throw a bit of a wrench into their plans. Luckily, the company has told players far in advance, so those who are grinding to get things done will have plenty of time to work around the downtime.

Currently, there is no indication that this maintenance is adding anything to the game, or fixing any bugs that exist in Final Fantasy XIV. Players speculate that this period of downtime is due to the recent maintenance on the North American servers, although Square Enix hasn’t highlighted if it is an issue or something that was planned after the adjustments made to the servers.