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FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest Produces a Ton of Winners This Year

Instead of the normal 100 winners, the contest has over 150 new furnishing items this year.

If you’ve been lucky enough to pick up your own personal estate or happen to have a guild estate, you need items to furnish the space. The Final Fantasy XIV team makes a number of those items, but not all of them. Many are the result of enterprising members of the community, winners of the Furnishing Design Contest.

Each contest allows players to submit designs for various furnishing items. The items can include desks, chairs, windows, and more. Some even create elaborate outdoor furnishings like garden topiaries, hot tubs, and pathways. The only limit is your imagination.

Square Enix has announced the winners of last year’s Furnishing Design Contest. While the contest normally has around 100 winners, this year the community sent in way more items than expected. As such, this year has a larger slate of winners.

“Due to the sheer number of phenomenal entries, our rigorous judging process has yielded 50 more winners than usual, for a grand total of 153 prizewinners! Be sure to check out the winning entries below,” said the FFXIV team in the Lodestone blog post. “We extend our deepest thanks to all who participated in the contest and urge you to keep dreaming, keep decorating, and keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity to boast your visions for Final Fantasy XIV!”

As part of the announcement post, the team showcased all of the winners. Some of the best and most inventive winners include a Cactaur punching bag, a waterfall garden, a Magitek hanger, and a circular tall aquarium. There’s also a very cool high-tech heads-up display in the style of Gammascape.

All of the winners get the Great Paraserpent parasol as a prize, in addition to having their item be created in the game. The Paraserpent item will be delivered to all winners this month. The team also notes that just because someone didn’t win in this contest doesn’t mean those items might not be selected for inclusion into the game in the future.

If you want to see the full set of winners, head over to the Lodestone post!

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