FFXIV Free Login Campaign Gives Lapsed Players Free Subscription Time

Now until June 30, returning players can get free game time for Final Fantasy XIV. Here, we outline the eligibility requirements.

We all need a break from the critically acclaimed MMORPG every now and then. And if you’ve been on a long break, now would be a good time to return to Final Fantasy XIV top check out the new Patch 6.15 content or catch up on MSQ. That’s because the recurring FFXIV free login campaign is now live and goes on until June 30 at 7:59 p.m. PT. This is an opportunity for lapsed players who do not have an active subscription to come back for free for a limited time.

In order to take advantage of the FFXIV free login campaign, you need to already have a FFXIV license attached to your account (basically, if you bought the game), the account set as inactive during this campaign period, and have been inactive for the last 30 days or longer. If you’re eligible, you just simply login to the game — this will start your free game time. You essentially have a total of four full continuous days of subscription time to play. At the end of the fourth day, your free login time ends.

There are some specific restrictions interested players should be aware of. Below are a few of the notable restrictions.

  • If you have multiple FFXIV service accounts tied to one Square Enix account and at least one of them is still active, you will not be eligible for the free login period.
    • If you have multiple service accounts that are eligible, the free login will apply to the first one you login with.
  • Your free subscription time begins once you log into the FFXIV game launcher, regardless of whether or not you actually play.
  • If your account has been cancelled or suspended for a ToS violation, tough luck. That’s on you.
  • Remember, the free game time runs through four real-time days, not total play time.
  • If maintenance occurs during your free login time, sorry.
  • Those who subscribe during their free login period will forfeit the remaining free time.

That’s all there is to it. For those looking to return to FFXIV, we have plenty of guides to get you on the new content. The new Hildibrand quests, the Arkasodara Tribe Quests, Ameliance’s Custom Deliveries, the cute little Omega epilogue quests all came in the Patch 6.15 update. And if you weren’t around when Patch 6.1 dropped, check out the Aglaia alliance raid or Endsinger Extreme Trial to flex your combat prowess.