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Get Your Face Right With FFXIV Face Moisturizer From Steamcream

May the Light always protect and moisturize your pores.

Once again, another company decides to collaborate with Final Fantasy XIV. The last time we mentioned a merchandise collaboration, it was the FFXIV-branded Puma gear. Who can forget the stylish streetwear combined with the odd CG commercial released to promote it?

This time, the collaboration leans into a different market; instead of fashion, we’re now looking at beauty. In Japan, Square Enix and a company called Steamcream have teamed up to release a set of FFXIV-branded moisturizers. The latter company has long sold balm and moisturizers, but rather than offering a wide variety of types, it instead chose to get creative with the packaging. To that end, Steamcream has sold several limited edition branded tins for its products.

In this case, there are six different designs for the limited edition tins: the Warrior of Light on the moon, the Mothercrystal, various Job Stones, all of the Job icons, a stylish Loporrit, and a final design featuring some of the cute mascot style races and monsters from the game. Each tin comes with the same Steamcream original moisturizer for 1,980 yen ($14.77).

While the products are only released in Japan, one of the stores, Garland of Dew, actually touts worldwide shipping. The company says that it ships to “228 countries and regions” in total, so you may find your region available for international shipping. The other official retailer is the 0101 Web channel, which is only available for Japanese sales.

This continues the long line of ancillary products for Final Fantasy XIV, including the UNIQLO shirts, a special Paladin jacket, and a pair of official manga. What else remains in our future? FFXIV-branded alcoholic beverages? A life-size frog or chocobo chick costume? Let us go to the Ultima Thule of capitalism with FFXIV merchandise!

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